Recipe Testing and Ingredient Comparison and Comparison of Eating Quality

RecipeTesting and Ingredient Comparison and Comparison of Eating Quality


RecipeTesting and Ingredient Comparison and Comparison of Eating Quality

Thispaper entails the application of scientific principles learned overthe course of the semester. It aims to create and analyze a morewholesome form of processed food in the eateries. In particular, weshall choose a processed chicken mandated by the USDA nutritional inthe supermarket and recreate in a wholesome method. Cooking is askill we should all strive to acquire. Moreover, a homemade foodtastes better than the ones we buy at the shops. With the ingredientsavailable, it is inexpensive to cook your favorite and deliciousmeal.

Tocommence with, we shall make the broiled chicken salad. This chickensalad is easy and quick to cook it is preferable for lunch or lightdinner, making it easier to enjoy a delicious tasting way to receivethe nutritional benefits of salad vegetables and the chicken.Preparation and cooking time is 30 minutes. The quick boil procedureaids to seal in the chicken’s fluids making it more tender andappetizing (Austin, 2004).


  • Five chicken breasts without bones

  • 1 lb mixed salad leaves

  • 1/2 cup sliced fresh basil leaves

  • 3 TBS fresh oregano leaves

  • 3 Oz gorgonzola cheese

  • 2 TBS fresh lemonade juice

  • Salt

  • black pepper to taste

  • Fresh tomato

  • 1 TBS olive oil

  • 2 TBS fresh lemon juice

  • Two onions

25minutes broiled salad chicken

Homemadebroiled chicken


  1. Cut the tomatoes and onions into small pieces

  2. Cast the cooking pan about 8 inches away from the heat for approximately 10 minutes to get it red hot alternatively heat the broiler on high and place an all stainless skillet.

  3. While the cooking pan is getting hot, wash thoroughly and spin dry salad leaves along with oregano and basil leaves. Run a finger down the stem to remove the leaves, for oregano and place whole in salad

  4. When the pan is hot, spice the breasts of chicken with a little pepper and salt and place on hot pan skin upwards. Return to broiler and cook for about 25 minutes, or until ready to serve, depending on the viscosity of the chicken breasts. The breasts will cook fast because they are cooking on both sides simultaneously.

  5. Remove top breasts skin with a little gorgonzola cheese and return to broiler to melt, when the chicken is ready. The chicken is ready if it turns slightly pink after cooking.

  6. Toss the greens with tomato, onion, olive oil, pepper, and lemon juice. Dispense greens onto five plates.

  7. Place chicken breasts on top of greens. Serve while hot.

Nutritionalcontents of the homemade broiled chicken salad

Thisdiagram clearly illustrates the package of nutritional value of thewholesome broiled chicken salad

Thispicture shows the processed chicken from the supermarket.


Nonetheless,many individuals have a myth that consuming healthful, natural foodsis exorbitantly expensive. In truth, eating fresh whole food is lesscostly as compared to junk and processed foods. Fortunately, thenumber of individuals reverting to traditional ways of buying foodfrom local farmers and cooking using traditional methods is everincreasing (James &ampChris, 2012). Ideally, the ingredients used tocook the improved broiled chicken yield more nutritional value ascompared the readily available and processed chicken in thesupermarket. For instance, they are fresh and local, not geneticallyengineered, and grown in free range environment.

Wholefresh foods provide us with all the nutrients that nature put intothe foods. Not only just nutrients, but also, the combined effect ofnutrients that work collectively because of the nature theyinterrelate with the living animal or plant. When we consume thisnourishment, which have associated with our existence, we experiencesignificant health benefits than the totality of the parts. Thesubsequent practical benefit of eating whole foods is that theysubstitute, by their absolute bulk, chemicals and other denaturedfood derivatives that we might consume.

Forthe chicken to yummier, essential ingredients must be of thesignificant reason why primary components were utilized in bothrecipes is to make it tasty. An element increases the flavor of themeal. Again, parts make the food look appetizing. In addition someingredients also are used for preservation. More importantly, cookingcomponents are should be to ensure the food diet is well balanced asrecommended by nutritionist. Also, it is believed that someingredients are used for medicinal value (Brennan &amp Tiwari,2012).

Oneof the consequences of the ingredients used is the usage of salt. Astudy done in the US indicated that 45% of elderly people aresuffering from diabetes. Therefore, the patients are prohibitedconsuming salty foods. In this case the manufacturer used salt tocook the chicken. Again, the manufacturer used pepper, even thoughpepper makes food more appetizing, not all people consume pepper. Themajority of individuals prefer food with a reasonable quantity ofsalt and pepper. Additives are also used to make the food stay forlong in the supermarket stalls. To make food look more natural andwholesome, salad was one of the key ingredients used, we used freshtomatoes and onions.

Comparisonof eating qualities

Itis evident that, homemade food is more preferable to many. Because itis more taste than commercially available products. Basically,individuals enjoy eating wholesome food because it’s well cooked ascompared to processed foods that are in most cases are deep fried.Processed foods are very soft to chew as opposed to homemade foodsthat are neither too soft nor too hard to eat (Austin, 2004).Moreover, wholesome foods are naturally taste and delicious unlikethe processed foods in the supermarkets that are added additives togive the food long life. Although, additives help to prevent foodfrom going bad, they do nothing to preserve the nutritive value ofthe food. The useful life of both products is short (James &ampChris 2012). In fact, after keeping the homemade food for five days,the food started smelling all over the house also the processed foodmolds started growing. In a period of ten days’ time, both foods onthe self will be sticky, and the food color will turn to greyish.

Inconclusion, it is my sincere opinion that consumers should make theirversion of the product. Cooking food at home may seem expensive butin the long-run it’s cheap. Wholesome food as discussed above is amouthwatering, delicious with many accrued health benefits unlike theprocessed food which cannot retain the nutrients. Again, no expertiseskill required in cooking food at home. Traditional methods ofcooking should be applied as opposed to processed food which requiresprofessionals. In addition, nosophisticated cooking equipment’srequired at home. On the other hand, manufacturers need modernkitchen equipment which is expensive to acquire and install.



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