Recommendations for Corning Inc. Proposals Student`s

Recommendationsfor Corning Inc. Proposals

Inresponse to the case study, this paper makes some recommendations inregard to the three proposals of laboratory. Fiber and the TV glassdivisions ventures. Corning ought to accept the laboratory scienceproposal but make some hard decisions and negotiate further. Asindicated in the case study, the firm has been in this venture for along time thus gaining immense experience on this topic (“CorningIncorporated”, 1990). Furthermore, the company’s overall strategyfits in this proposal not to mention its capability judging from theprofit status. However, the concerns raised in regard to theinvestment need have to be ironed out before adopting the proposal.

Similarly,the firm ought to embrace the proposal of fiber optic, but not beforeagreeing a joint venture with the IBM. Because of the development ofperipherals by other users it is imperative that Corning considersthe proposed offer on IBM a partnership (“Corning Incorporated”,1990). By so doing, the firm’s profitability could increase becauseIBM will become an additional client. The success history of Corningin various ventures makes this offer a lucrative one so long as theright mechanisms are put in place. Therefore, the recommendation ishereby made that Corning evaluates the proposal before making a finaldecision. As for the overall strategy, there is no conflict, andCorning has the necessary resources to see this project through.

Finally,the proposal concerning TV glass partnership is important to the firmand no doubt there should be no further procrastination. Theassertion is made because the Asian companies seem to have the upperhand over the American rivals evidenced by the number of businessesclosed down. Again, it seems that this union would “play astrategic role different from all the other ventures” (“CorningIncorporated” 1990, p.13). Moreover, some of the employees fromCorning would be transferred to Asahi that means the former wouldhave staff with the new skills. Therefore, it is highly recommendedthat Corning adopt this proposal as it seems to have minimal risks.


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