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Griffin has raised a critical point with regard to recycling. Theprocess of recycling has been viewed as the best and most suitableway of reducing environmental damage by reusing the non-biodegradablepackaging products. However, Griffin has pointed out that the processof recycling might not be as effective as people have always thought.The damages caused by the recycling process outweigh the benefitsintended from the process. In other words, the recycling process mayend up causing more damage to the environment than the one whichwould have been caused by the products. It is apparent that theamount of waste recycled is a small percentage of the total waste(Macbride, 2012). As a result, the waste products still end uppolluting the environment. It is also evident that the process ofrecycling uses machines which produce smoke and other gases thatpollute the environment. Additionally, the waste products have to betransported to the landfills by Lorries which pollute the environment(Griff, 2010). Health officials have also cited the landfills ashealth hazards to the neighboring people.

cannot therefore be relied upon as the only method ofreducing waste products and protecting the environment. The cultureof consumerism and extreme packaging and repackaging by the Americanshas largely contributed to non-biodegradable waste products. It isapparently clear that the process of recycling does not offer anyextra advantage over other methods of conserving the environment(Guillain, 2008). However, it cannot be concluded that recycling isineffective. The government, through the Environmental ProtectionAgency must ensure that the process is scrutinized and enhanced todeliver the intended results. For instance, it is essential for thegovernment to reduce the gasses and smoke from the recycling plants.This can be done through adopting new machines that rely on othersources of power such as electricity as opposed to fuel. It is alsoprudent to ensure that all the non-biodegradable waste products arerecycled.


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