Reflection on Personal Skills Development


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Reflection on personal skills development


The course modules have provided comprehensive platforms forprogress, self-awareness, apprenticeship, and critical reasoning. Inthis regards, I have managed to construe an undeniably robust plan toassists in ensuring a successful progress throughout the course. Takecognizant that the details of the course have instilled a sense ofreasoning and apprenticeship, which has allowed the cultivation ofseveral comportments that compare to an effective progress thus, theprovision of a discourse that highlights the personal developmentsequence. The main work that I previously engaged involved a treatiseon the problems facing Universities in UK today as well as thesubmission of solutions and their effectiveness to those problems. Inthis regards, the assignment allowed the cultivation of cognitivecapacities to obtain educational materials suitable to thedevelopment of a comprehensive discourse. In addition, the workensured that I attain a satisfactory result based on previous worksas well as help develop implications that compared effectively withthe needed outcomes. In fact, I managed to construct numerous resultsfor the assignment and related those results to occurrences incurrent universities.


Prior to the assignment, I felt as if my self-awareness andresourcefulness were not as important as cognitive metiers but theassignment allowed generate a feeling of contentment and success. Inaddition, I was apprehensive of my capacities to complete theassignment on time and attain a satisfactory result. Although I hadcompleted previous assignments, the current assignment involved indepth analysis and commitment to reason, which I felt I lacked, buthalfway through the assignment, I felt pleased and contented with myprogress as well as the reasoning I was cultivating. On the otherhand, I did not expect the assignment to involve multi-dimensionalfacets and instances that I experience every day, but afterreflection on the attributes of the paper, I realized that theassignment was inspiring and valuable to say the least. D’Antoni,(2013) asserts that a person should commit reason, engageconstructively, and employ diverse plans and approaches whenundertaking any assignment thus, I took a course of action thatinvolved analysing various situations within a university setting. Inaddition, I probed knowledge from academic databases and conductedsmall-scale studies to comprehend the phenomenons and facets thatshape university settings. As such, I feel that I took an appropriatecourse of action during the assignment considering that I feltapprehensive before the assignment.


The assignment provided a chance for me to expedite myself-awareness, identity, potential, human capital, and reasoningcapacities. In fact, it inculcated a sense of self-awareness so loftto the cognitive demands thus, helped me to engage in positiveendeavors. D’Antoni (2013) and Smith (2011) maintain thatself-awareness acts as a fundamental facet at the core of anysignificant and broad pursuit. In this regards, the assignmentallowed me to enhance my self-awareness as well as discover newtruths about erudition and my identity. The assignment was eccentricin its development of reasoning skills, but it proved too effectiveand unparalleled in enhancing my self-awareness, cognitivecapacities, and research aptitudes as well as allowing the completionof tasks well within the deadline. In this regards, I recognized thatI have the capacity to conduct extensive studies on my own, engage inmulti-dimensional facets, conduct assignments, submit them before thedeadline, and obtain satisfactory results, work under strictdeadlines, and commit to phenomenons that that ensure development ofinterpersonal skills and interdependence. However, secondary sourcesfrom academic databases, articles, and books meant that theassignment did not demonstrate my interest in conducting a primaryresearch. Furthermore, I encountered problems in assessing the scopeof success for the assignment. On the other hand, the paper hasaltered my reasoning and indoctrinated a logic of identity, personaldevelopment, and dominion of power.


Self-awareness and development of effective cognitive capacitiesdenote inexorable senses of success. McMillan, &amp Weyers (2013)assert that the projection of power domain and personal developmentstarts with positive engagements and endeavors. In this regards, theassignment inculcated several mannerisms that I should always developin future endeavors as the assignment involved development of acourse of action, extensive research, and conducting enquiriesthrough a multi-dimensional aspect. On the other hand, D’Antoni(2013),&nbspSmith (2011), and Morris (2013) assert that individualsshould utilize a suitable and an intensely worded body of academicliterature in pursuing a tutelage study. In this regards, I shouldhave employed numerous texts and compared them to current situationsacross universities. As such, this would have allowed developing amore comprehensive discourse. However, the discourse comparedcaptivatingly to previous assignments and situations. In fact, thedevelopment of interpersonal skills, strong reasoning skills, andenhancement of self-awareness and identity prior to and during theexperience allowed me to attain a more effective result for theassignment unlike previous experiences. I have involved in severaldiscussion forums as well as engaging in workshops and platforms thatallow learners to develop critical thinking, which have allowed me toincrease my grades, develop good habits of planning, and reflectingon my experiences.


Smith (2011) asserts that attitudes people develop determine theirsuccess roadmap irrespective of the energies they may put indisengaging their minds. In this regards, the experience allowed thedevelopment of some individualities that I lacked. However, inthinking back on what transpired during the experience, I think Ishould have committed to my positive habits and drawn a plan thatparalleled to the outcomes of the experience. Although the assignmentinculcated a sense of authority and self-awareness, I still think Ihave not developed strong identities and self-awareness that canallow the attainment of what I desire in life meritoriously. Smith(2011) holds that attitudes and self-awareness can help a personachieve undoable tasks given willingness thus, I have deduced strongsenses of achievement during the experience.

Action plan

I feel it is indispensable for to commit to other tasks with thesame attentiveness I have demonstrated as well as develop further mycapacities. In fact, I will conduct further studies, engage indiscussion forums and platforms in order to enhance my interpersonalskills and cultivate a stronger multi-dimensional aspect. Myprimacies include obtaining excellent grades, completing tasks beforedeadline, enhancing my positive attitudes and identities, and thenobtain my desires within the year. I will recognize my improvementsby the grades I get as well as how interactively I relate withpeople.


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