Reflection on Personal Skills Development My Work and Progress


Reflectionon Personal Skills Development: My Work and Progress

Reflectionon Personal Skills Development: My Work and Progress

Thecoursework I have covered has become one of my greatest experiencesin school life. The course has been engaging in such a way that ithas availed a platform through which I have advanced my knowledge andskills not only academically but also in social life. The courseworkhas incorporated apprenticeship to complement theoretical learning,as it involved projects as indicated in the curriculum. Theseactivities have enabled me to enhance my personal skills to add tothe academic expertise I have achieved, thus being able to look atissues from an in-depth position, and I believe this will go a longway not only to help me, but also others who may need my services inthe future.

Inthis course, assignments such as research essay, literature reviewsand reflective essays are a few of the examples of academic worksthat have helped me develop critical thinking skills, since theyinvolved both oral and written presentations. For research papers, Ihave been able to indulge in field studies and critical looking intosecondary sources in order to come up with conclusions andrecommendations(dePaul, 2014).The planning and execution of research have greatly aided me inplanning for other activities in my daily life. Research has beeninteresting as I have been able to explore different fields andtheorize my findings as scholars do in their proposals. Being part ofthe academic faculty by being able to make a contribution throughresearch proposals has been such an interesting feeling. The guidanceoffered by my tutors in every module and subject has been of muchhelp. The skills they have helped me develop are immeasurable. I amnow confident that I can conduct sound research and make proposals atthe workplace.

Besidesthe measurement of my ability to carry out various tasks by mytutors, their evaluation of my work has been of great importance asit has helped me improve on my weaknesses. However, as theorized byRowland and Marshall (1998), self evaluation is also as important.The two scholars asserted that learners are able to evaluatethemselves by judging their work after critical assessment thatshould be conducted in a subjective manner. This has been a helpfultip as I have observed that self evaluation has had more positiveimpact in my studies. The combination of the tutors’ feedback andself evaluation has enabled me to seal all loopholes that would leadto failure in future. I am assured of continued improvement both inlife and future studies.

Thecurrent module, MN3025: Professional Skills Development, has openedmy mind to devising various strategies to eliminating my weaknesses.The module has helped me in focusing my attention towards variousoptions that I could use to solve problems that relate to myassignments. I now acknowledge that precision in planning forworkloads of assignments is of utmost importance. Planning involvesbreaking down the workload into manageable parts of work that aretime bound(Price, 2007).I have learned that the management of time is imperative in ensuringthat my assignments are completed and submitted in time. Over theyears, I have had trouble working with bulky assignments but thelessons incorporated in the module have enabled me to alleviate myfears. Throughout the course, I began by carrying out intensiveresearch about a topic before beginning to write it down. This hasmade the work easy as when it is time to bring the ideas together,the ideas easily flow in the mind.

Ibecame conscious of the fact the proper citations and referring wasimportant in academic work. I developed the notion that is alwaysright to accorded the authors and publishers of various works theirdue respect and recognition. Failure to acknowledge authors andpublishers would amount to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a breach ofpatent rights and it is, therefore, tantamount to action of the lawthrough prosecution(The Open University, 2009).This can lead to imprisonment or the payment of fines. In order toavoid the repercussions of negligence to citations, I familiarizedmyself with citation styles such as APA, MLA, Turabian and Oxford.They were of great help as I was able to systematically organize mycitations and accord all the authors, of works I had referred to,their due recognition and appreciation(QUT, 2014).I began by designing annotated bibliographies to first identify thesources that would be helpful in writing my papers. I would thenbegin writing my papers after familiarizing myself fully with thecontent and adequately citing from the various sources in mybibliography. I would use in-text citations or footnotes and endnotesto cite ideas and block quotations of unoriginal work. I believe itis an ethical and morally right issue to recognize people for theirachievements and not to break the laws in place.

Inthe two previous essays that I have written, I focused on creativityto offer solutions to problems, as well as evaluating varioustheories with real life situations. The first essay focused onidentifying problems that were encountered in UK varsities andproposing possible solutions. I approached the assignment byreviewing literature concerning the topic. I explored scholarlyarticles, newspaper articles, peer reviewed essays and primarysources from my university’s website. After identifying theproblems, I set out to critically evaluate various solutions thatwould end the issues at hand. Critical analysis enables one to choosefrom a range of possible alternatives to only come up with the bestand most practicable(Cottrell, 2013).The second essay involved a critical analysis of learning theories. Irelated the past knowledge as advanced b various scholars with mycurrent situation in school. I gave examples that both qualified anddefied the theories. In the two exercises, I was able to enhance mywriting skills, as well as attaining a better understanding of thelearning process and designing problem-solving strategies.

Conclusively,the coursework has been wide in coverage translating to the learningof a proportionate range of skills. I learned a lot of usefulacademic skills that transcend into life skills. I am more preparedto face the next level of my education as well as the life outsideschool. My tutors have been of much help accolades pass to them. Theresearch skills I have obtained will be useful in coming up with myown observations, conclusions and recommendations on various topicsin my field. It will be with pleasure that I will add valuableinformation to the academia. I appreciate having learned how not tosteal other peoples work. I am a beneficiary of a worthy course andwill work to enhance my personal skills with every passing day.


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