Reflection on Previously Completed Assignment


Reflectionon Previously Completed Assignment

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Reflectionon Previously Completed Assignment

Reflectionon the Fitness Assignment

Thisassignment was completed in the Physical education course thiscourse emphasizes on the need for physical fitness among students andoutlines the importance of engaging in exercise regularly. Theassignment is a descriptive essay that highlights exercise as a wayof health promotion. While preparing this assignment, I faced thechallenge of portraying the benefits of physical education andoutlining why they outweigh the limitations. I collected informationby interviewing people who attend the gym regularly, as well as thosewho jog either in the morning or the evening. I am a beginner, but Ibelieve health promotion programs should be embraced at an earlystage as this will enable people gain positive attitudes towardsphysical fitness.

Isupport the argument that there is need to introduce physicalactivity programs in learning institutions. This way, students havethe capacity to gain enhanced learning while at the same time theirhealth is promoted. In the first communication indicator, I believethat I am a beginner as I required a lot of assistance to identifycontent that was reliable. In the second indicator of success, I fallunder the intermediate level. This is because, with minimal success,I managed to implement the appropriate strategies for the retrievalof information. For the third communication indicator, I can classifymyself as a beginner since I needed assistance to evaluate thecontent of the information I collected. I consulted widely beforewriting the essay in order to ensure that what I wrote was alreadyevaluated critically.

Basedon the fourth communication indicator, I classify myself as advancedsince I succeeded in organizing the content of the information Icollected regarding physical fitness. Under the fifth communicationindicator, I fall in the advanced level since I managed to recognizethe need to adjust to the reactions of listeners by developingpositive thinking as a method of making physical education classenjoyable. With regard to ethical practices, I believe that I am inthe advanced level as I should develop ethical principles to guidethe instructions I give to students.

Reflectionon Leadership and teamwork

Thisassignment was done in the leadership and team work course. Thiscourse teaches students what leadership entails in formalorganizations and outlines the roles that leaders play in anorganization. The assignment was descriptive defining who leaders areand explaining the qualities of leaders, as well as the variousleadership styles among other aspects of leadership. When preparingthis assignment, I faced difficulties in differentiating between thevarious forms of leadership styles that can be found in anorganization. Through reading resources about leadership, I managedto gather useful information regarding the topic of leadership.

Thefour leadership indicators will be employed to evaluate thisassignment. I believe that I am advanced in the first indicator sinceI have the capacity to convince other people to take part in aproject that I propose. In addition, I motivate followers byproviding vision that guides the achievement of project goals. In thesecond communication indictor, I consider myself as an intermediatesince I have the capacity to plan projects effectively and identifythe tasks that should be fulfilled, and set timelines for thecompletion of the tasks. For the third leadership indicator, I fallwithin the advanced level since I am competent in communicating goalsclearly and ensuring that the most qualified workers are involved inthe projects. Based on the fourth indicator of leadership, I fallunder the intermediate level. I am keen when it comes to qualityissues within an organization. Moreover, I am good at motivatingother people to perform well and achieve the desired results. Iconsider the improvement of quality in the services offered as a keyaspect that all leaders should possess.

Reflectionof analyzing my personality

Thisassignment was completed in the psychology course. The course isconcerned with an evaluation of how humans behave and the thoughtprocesses, emotions, and feelings that take place in the human mind.The assignment was a descriptive one that gave an analysis of mypersonality and the behavior I exhibit in various contexts. In thepaper, I analyzed my personality with the use of certain parameters.The challenge I faced when doing this assignment was determining theappropriate score. However, I managed to overcome this challengesince I came to learn that scores are determined by the applicationemployed to calculate them.

Iwill use the four indicators of success in critical thinking andproblem solving as the basis for evaluating my personality type.Based on the first indicator, I can be classified as advanced since Ihave the capacity to identify a wide range of information from manysources. In addition, I can think logically and make sound decisions.For the second indicator of critical thinking, I fall under theintermediate level. My personality is based on the recognition ofvarious sources of information and coming up with arguments that arewell reasoned. In the third indicator, I can describe myself as abeginner. When it comes to problem solving, I ask for clarificationfrom others regarding the problem and asks what can be done to solvethe problem. Out of several solutions, I come up with the bestapproach to address the problem. Based on the indicator of planexecution, I belong to the advanced level. Before executing any plan,I have to consider all the resources needed and avail them for theintended purposes.

Reflectionon Samba

Thisreflective essay was done in the leadership and team work course. Theassignment focusses on the problems of diversity within a businessorganization and highlights the impacts of these problems on theperformance of the organization. The assignment was explorative innature as it evaluated the challenges brought about by diversity. Iexperienced challenges in evaluating the most appropriate leadershipskills and strategies that can help address the problem of diversity.I overcame this challenge by ranking the strategies and determiningthe best ones to apply when leaders experience challengingsituations.

Theindicators of professional competence will be applied as the basisfor the evaluation of my performance. Based on the first indicator, Ifall under the advanced level since I strive to maintain good workethic. I also adhere to rules and procedures while at the same timeensuring that I complete assignments within the stipulated time. Inthe second indicator of professional competence, I am in theintermediate level. This is because I have the capacity to maintaingood work relations with other people. For the third indicator, I ama beginner since I may not necessarily conduct international tasks ina manner that can be regarded as professional. In the fourthindicator, I fall under the advanced level since my competence isbased on skills and knowledge, which I apply in carrying out myduties.