Reflection Paper on Historical Sites –

ReflectionPaper on Historical Sites

ReflectionPaper on Historical Sites

Conservationof historical sites involves preserving their integrity throughprotecting and restoring them using a combination of old and newmethods. The conservation of historical sites may comprise a numberof phases that might or might not include reinforcement, restorationor even rehabilitation. The modern world could be dynamic andchanging at a hastened pace than ever due to human activities,however, there are benefits of conserving historical sites such asthe Jewish Ghetto and the memorial at the Fosse Ardeatine, both ofwhich are in Italy. For instance, historical sites remind us aboutthe past. The local officials as well as human activities such asbusinesses have role to play in conserving the historical sites.

Thelocal officials have a significance role to play in respect topreserving or conserving historical sites through their power. One ofthe ways local officials can participate in preserving historicalsites is through fostering a culture of conservation. This can takethe form of educating the population of the need or benefits ofpreserving the historical sites. The aim of educating the populationwould be to create awareness of the value attached to thesehistorical sites. Additionally, the local official can foster aculture of conservation through holding promotional programmes withthe aim of creating public awareness of the value attached to thesehistorical sites. On the other hand, local officials can participatein preserving the historical importance of historical sites throughsetting and reinforcing restriction policies on historical sitesconservation. Such policies could take the form of illegalizingtampering with the historical sites for personal gains such businessactivities or others.

Onthe other hand, human activities such as businesses have a role toplay in either conserving or depleting the significance of historicalsites. In my perception, there is nothing wrong with businessestaking advantage of the “tourist” climate of the historical sitesdespite the historical events that may have taken place on the verysite provided the historical significance of the site is maintainedor conserved for that case. The argument here is that, suchhistorical sites should be of benefit to the state. For instance,through such business activities there is creation of employmentwhich boosts the economy of the state by reducing unemployment.Additionally, the tourists visiting these historical sites need to beprovided with necessities such as food, drinks, accommodation, andamong other necessities for comfort purposes.However,precautionary measures should be put in place to ensure thehistorical sites remains as they were many year back.

Historicalsites are of great importance to us as they remind us about the past.As such, local official have a role to play through their power tomaintain the significance importance of these sites. Equally,businesses taking advantage of their tourist climate, should do sowhile at the same time maintain their historical significance.