Reflective Essay


Sincethe beginning of this semester, I have actually learnt more than Ithought. Indeed, English subject has taught more, not only onliterature and language, but also on other areas in life. Actually, Ican now write and express myself, as well as find answers to problemsthat I have no ideas. This semester, I have competed four assignmentsthat have increased my knowledge immensely. The first assignment wasbased on technology literacies, the second assignment on schooluniform as artifacts, while the third assignment was based on musicvideo and sexuality. The fourth assignment was about the Imovie andits application. Actually, these four assignments have increased byability to write and express my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. I didnot struggle to put my thoughts in coherent manner and according tothe tutor’s instruction.

Thefirst essay focused on technology and its advantages anddisadvantages. Here, I gave my opinions and my thought of technology.In addition, I narrated how technology has really helped me while inschool. Here, I learnt how technology improves people lives’ andincreases social distances among individuals. I reflected howtechnology had an impact on my life I discovered it had bothpositive and negative effects. In one way, it made my life joyful andcolourful, while on the other hand, it had a negative influence.

Theinternet, which is the efficient means of communication, has apositive impact on my life. As an international student, I am faraway from my family members. Therefore, I had to learn how to usemedia such as twitter and Skype to communicate with my family hence,reduce unhappiness and home sick. I can now send a text, photo, or ashort video to my family and friends to update them on my status.Correspondingly, I get a lot of encouragement and support, whichkeeps me going. Unfortunately, technology has extended the physicaldistance between me and my friends. Once I communicate with themonline, I find no need to visit them physically. I now appreciatetechnology more and I never take it for granted as I did prior thisassignment.

Inthe second assignment, I researched on school uniform as culturalartifacts. Cultural artifacts are items created by human beings tooffer information about that particular culture. Since introductionof uniform, there have been intense debated whether students shouldwear uniforms. Different people give different opinions some saythey should wear it while others oppose it. From this assignment, Ilearnt several advantages of uniform. Firstly, school uniforms areeffective in preventing misplacement of judgement based onappearance. Uniform standardises all students in regardless of theirappearance, hairstyle, height, or even their background. If studentwere allowed to wear home clothes to school, children from wealthyfamilies would need up wearing fancy and an expensive clothes. On theother hand, the poor children would not be in capability to wearexpensive clothes. As a result, the rich would intimidate the poorand lower their self-esteem. Secondly, uniforms make it easier forthe school authorities to identify students that belong to theirschool. Therefore, it is also possible to increase safety andsecurity within and outside the school premises. Thirdly, uniforminstall some element for discipline and respect for the rule of law.Fourthly, uniform saves a lot of money that would otherwise be usedto buy home clothes.

Inthe third essay, I discussed about music video and sexuality. Thisassignment was very involving since I was required to do a lot ofresearch both in the library and on the internet. However, I obtainedmost information for this assignment from an interview with Prof.Christenson, a professor of Rhetoric and media studies on musicvideo. Prof. Christenson analysed the role of music video and theirgenres, as well as their relationship with sexuality. From theinterview, I learnt a lot about music and lifestyle of musician. Infact, I realised I knew very little about music prior thisassignment. I learnt that music video started in 1930. Previously,there were only short films. I also learnt the growth of music sinceits birth until today. To my surprise, I learnt that most teenagerslisten or watch music while they are walking, driving, jogging, orpartying. Initially, I never thought that music has a great influencein teenagers. Besides, I also learnt strategies of conducting aninterview. Now, I can conduct an interview on my own.

Frommy research, I learnt that women are still regarded as sexual objectswhen it comes to music videos. Prof. Christenson argues that womenare used as props rather than characters. Hence, professor had nodoubts while stating that music is sexist and it depicts women assexual objects. He even went ahead and gave an example of RickyMartin dances with naked women in his video song “Livin’la Vida Local.”However, Ricky does not portray any part of his body. In the samevideo, Ricky dances on the rain full dressed surrounded by nakedwomen. Therefore, in the current world, nudity and immodesty in musicvideo are part of entertainment. Surprisingly, the society is alsowelcoming and nurturing the desire of nudism under the pretence ofcivilization, fashion, and entertainment. Nevertheless, the societyshould come up with strategies to fight these immoral acts in music,and embrace teaching that give good moral to youngster joining themusic industry.

Thefourth assignment was based on “Imovie” on school uniforms.Imovie program is a video editing application that helps students indetermining the uniform that student opts to wear in a particularday. Prior this research, I had no idea of the software. Afterward, Ihave learnt how to use it, and it is now hard to live without it. Theprogram guides both the female uniform and male uniform. The DVDcovers as similar to any other DVD cover. It two diagram: a maleschool uniform and female school uniform. There was some writing infront and behind the cardigans. For instance, some were written“support” and others were written “school uniform.” Irecommend every student to learn on the usage of this application.Overall, I have really gained a lot this semester. I have alsoenjoyed the experiences in English class.