Reflective essay


Description of the ChildSetting

Kayla is an African Americanstudent and fifteen years old. Kayla sat in the first row, near theteacher’s desk and wore a very tight jean and a white blouse. Hershoes were black with three-inch heels and her socks were white. Shehad long hair and tied her hair like a ponytail. Kayla worerectangular framed glasses and long earrings. On her right hand,Kayla wore three rings and her nails had three different colors:green, yellow and orange. Her book bag and an English book had filledthe table, leaving no space for anything else.

Narrative Summary:

The chemistry teacher asked ifanyone had a dollar as he turned on the Bunsen burner. A studentnamed Yee pulled out a dollar and gave it to the teacher. Theteacher then immersed the dollar in the beaker that contained a clearliquid. The other students were silently watching when Kaylashouted: “you are not going to see your dollar!” The teacherignored Kayla as he called Yee, asking her to put on the safetygoggles as he provided the matches to light the flame. Yee wasnervous but was able to start the flame. Meanwhile, Kayla waslaughing loud saying that the bill would burn, which did not. At theend of the demonstration, teacher asked the students to answer whythe flame went off. Three students raised their hands but Kaylacalled out with the wrong answer. Teacher ignored Kayla once more, ashe involved the other students in discussing about the experiment.The teacher asked who would like to write the objective of theexperiment on the board. A volunteer stood up, and wrote theobjective on the board. Kayla started talking with her partner. Theteacher was asking questions and the students participated, but Kaylaopened her book bag, took her apple and started eating. She thenstarted looking for her pen. Shedid not find it and loudly asked the class for a pen, interruptingthe teacher. Then,the teacher indicates to Kayla to be quiet and suggests that she takenotes. She started arguing with the teacher. The teacher sent her tothe assistant principal`s office but she replied, “I’m not goinganywhere, I didn’t do anything!” Kayla then stood, cursed theteacher and left the classroom mumbling to herself.


Kayla appears to be an attentionseeker. From how she is dressed, her shoes, her, earrings, and hergeneral outlook show a person who is seeking to be recognized.Feeling like she is not being recognized enough, she shouts when theteacher immerses Yee`s dollar into the clear water. It appears theteacher is already used to her since he ignores her after she shoutsabout the dollar. The teacher also ignores her again when she callsout the wrong answer when the teacher asks about the objective of theexperiment. Kayla seems to be having no interest or motivation in thechemistry class. How she had displayed her book and an English bookat the table in a chemistry lesson is a clear indication that she isdisinterested in the class. Her disinterest and boredom is alsoevident when she takes out an apple starts eating during a lesson.Despite a show of disrespect to the teacher, Kayla seems to have nodegree of motivation in a chemistry class and tries to do anythingthat would distract other students. This is an escape-motivatedbehavior since she is trying to escape the fact that she is in achemistry class by ignoring all the activities being undertakenduring the lesson. it is also evident that Kayla is hyperactive andwith temper tantrums. When the teacher offers a threat to Kayla, shebecomes hyperactive, cursing the teacher and shouting that she haddone nothing. She raises her tempers and even walks out of classmumbling.

Kayla`s inappropriate behavior isa combination of attention seeking behavior, lack of interest, lackof motivation, hyperactivity, and temper tantrums. The behavioralintervention plan that would create an appropriate behavior by Kaylawould be through positive reinforcement. The observation was that theteacher ignored her too much such that her attention seeking behaviorhad turned to rebellion. Kayla realized that everyone was ignoringher and to prove her presence in the class, she ended up cursing theteacher and getting out of the class. When Kayla shouted that thebill would burn, the teacher should have challenged Kayla in aninteresting manner in order to make her feel recognized in the class.Reprimanding Kayla has proved to be an ineffective way on trying tomake her behave appropriately. When Kayla was reprimanded, she becamehyperactive and developed high tempers. The teacher should nottherefore involve Kayla in any verbal threats, as they will worsenher inappropriate behavior. The teacher should rather teach Kayla areplacement behavior and offer opportunities that help her createinterest in chemistry. Offer of opportunities to Kayla and positivereinforcement will be a guide in creating motivation to chemistrylessons and ultimate appropriate behavior in class.