Relationship between marketing and digital media


The most used digital media for marketing is social media. This is agood marketing strategy for Nike soccer shoes because according toCanada Business Network social media helps you reach a globalaudience. This is something that traditional media marketing cannotbe able to do. The use of social media also increases the overallsales of the product, it is fairly less cheap than the traditionalmedia sources, and they raise your standings in various search engineresults.

This marketing strategy is not without its fair shares of challenges.These include security issues. According to Digital MarketingPhilippines, if you share too much online, your business structuremay be compromised, and without a good plan on how to deal with badreviews, the reputation of the product may be damaged. It is clearthat the pros outweigh the cons and hence, this is a good marketingstrategy. For this reason the best marketing strategy to use todigitally market Nike soccer shoes is social media.

Social media marketing of Nike soccer shoes will improveconnectivity. Consumers will be able to connect with the marketers aswell as other consumers. This will give them a platform to interactwith each other. This will also enhance the accessibility ofmarketers. They can use social media to obtain customers’ reviewsabout the shoes.

Marketing Nike soccer shoes on social media like Facebook and twitterincreases interactivity between the marketer and the consumer becausethe consumers can be able to give fast feedback about the shoes. Theyare able to say how much they liked the shoes and if they have issueswith them, they can post this issue and the marketers are able toaddress them.

The use of social media will enable the consumer to regulate theinformation they view. Nike being a big company consumers of Nikesoccer shoes will be able to view only information about thesespecific shoes.

Nike soccer shoes can also partner up with an online selling sitelike amazon to increase the addressability because amazon has cookiesinstalled on the computer of the user and this will enable them theknow when the consumer returns to the website. This will ensure thatthe marketers can identify the consumers before they even make apurchase. Mixing this plan with social media marketing will lead tohigher sales of the shoes.

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