Request Service SR-rm-022, Part 3

RequestService SR-rm-022, Part 3


TheRiordan Project implementation came could potentially be one of themost tasking components, as well as the most crucial. It isimperative that it is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team thathas immense experience and expertise in the field of InformationTechnology. Indeed, it would be difficult, if not impossible, forthis part to be done by a single individual. Nevertheless, the newhuman resource management system implementation would not involve theassumption of the equality of the department involved. In fact, theautomated nature of the program necessitates that the priority isgiven to Human Resource and Information Technology departments. It isimperative that the priority departments’ team members form afundamental component of all processes of the design and developmentof the system. Other fundamental company departments that could bepart of the process include operational management and finance. Thispaper will demonstrate the six stages incorporated in theimplementation of the new HRIS, all of which are crucial to thesuccess of the system.


Asoftware package designed by Microsoft was selected by developers forthe implementation of the HRIS of Riordan Manufacturing, thanks tothe impressive compatibility of the selected software with theWindows OS currently used at Riordan. In safeguarding the assuranceof a perfect module, it is imperative that every crucial component ofthe new system is noted right at the time of the design. Coding suchas MS-SQL server, C++, HTML, VB and XML is to be used in the designof the new HRIS, with the codes being administered via a source codecontrol system to enable developers to modify the system in anystage. The creation of each module in the course of implementationwill allow for the commencement of the beta phase where all thefeatures of the modules will be tested so as to safeguard integrity.Such tests are carried out to eliminate every bug and error in thesystem.


Everymodule is tested upon the commencement of every new phase of the HRISso as to safeguard its compatibility with other modules, as well asensure the flawless operation of the SQL server. Of fundamentalimportance in the testing stage is the user input, where it isimperative that the development team enquires on the possibility foragreement in the HR department regarding the capacity of the new HRISto meet their needs. The stage comes as the most crucial in the wholeprocess, in which case it is imperative that the inspection of thesystem is done carefully as any bugs or errors that are noteliminated will impact the performance of the system in the future.


Theinstallation process, which follows the assembly, coding andadjustment of the modules, enable the system to be taken for atest-run. Indeed, the Riordan HR Department will access the newsystem upon its installation and see its functionality in real life.The new system’s first stage takes around 30 days, in which time itis imperative that the previous system remains in place so as toallow for the transfer of all data to the new system. The old systemis then eliminated subject to the stability of the newly implementedsystem after the installation of all data.



Itwill be imperative that the support documentation is provided for thenew system detailing all modifications done on it. In essence, a usermanual must be developed for the new system detailing the changesmade in the new system. This necessitates that the technical writercollaborates with the development team to enable the production of acomprehensive document. On the same note, an electronic copy for themanual has to be incorporated upon the completion of the testing.This is complemented by a live support, which will allow for thetimely resolution of any concerns or questions.


RiordanManufacturing now incorporates an extremely functional and efficientend-user resource support system since its decision to buy MicrosoftHR system. The company also opted for the extended service optionthat also involves some support via the development and applicationstages by Microsoft. In essence, the Microsoft Team is to undertakethe initial troubleshooting and maintenance aspects of the system,while all our support staff will resolve issues pertaining to thehardware and coding. In this regard, the company agreed to take inone development team member who will be helping in any of the issuesthat come up in the course of the use of the new HRIS.


TheHuman Resource department in Riordan Manufacturing had an extremelyoutdated HRIS system. This was impeding its capacity to dispense itsduties considering, which was extremely unfortunate considering thatit formed a crucial connection between the company and the employees.In essence, the development team incorporate the specifications,alongside the real and achievable goals in the course of developmentand installation, as well as the support of the upgrading process ofthe new HRIS system.


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