Research Methods Assignment


ResearchMethods Assignment

ResearchMethods Assignment

Samplingunderlines the process of selecting units from a population ofinterest to allow for the fair generalization of the results to thepopulation from which the sample was derived. Random samplingtechnique underlines the selection process in which every member ofthe population has equal likelihood of being selected.

Responserates underline the percentage of individuals who respond to aparticular survey. Low response rates may bias the survey results asthey would not include a true random respondent sample of thepopulation (Shi, 2007). To improve the response rates, it isimperative that the researcher contacts the participants numeroustimes, ensure the survey is not only easy to fill but also to return,select the right length for the audience, select the appropriatemethod of delivery for the audience or population that is taking partin the survey (Shi, 2007).

Multilevelanalysis underlines an analysis methodology that involves data thathas complex variability patterns with the focus being on the nestedsources of variability. Multilevel models, in this case, wouldinvolve statistical models of parameters varying in more than asingle model (Shi, 2007). Factor analysis, on the other hand,underlines a process where observed data values are shown asfunctions of varied likely causes so as to determine the mostimportant one. Factor analysis would be suitable to investigatingvariable relationships pertaining to complex concepts like dietaryplans, psychological scales and socioeconomic status. Multilevelanalysis, on the other hand, would be suitable for research involvingsocial contexts, alongside individual subjects or respondents.

Healthservices research audience would include the research community, thegeneral public and the stakeholders who either fund the research orare responsible for its implementation. For the research community,the use of published articles in scientific journals is the mostappropriate communicating techniques (Shi, 2007). The public can bereached using brochures, radio, television, newspapers and magazines,while stakeholders would get the information in form of reports,research notes, testimonies, research proposals and symposiums.


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