Restaurant Dining Review


RestaurantDining Review

RestaurantDining Review: Patsy’sRestaurant

Duringthe weekend, I visited the Patsy’s Restaurant, an Italian foodrestaurant situated at 236 W 56th St in Midtown West, New York.Taunted as the best Italian restaurant in the city, Patsy’sRestaurant is owned by an Italian entrepreneur family of FrankSinatra, and managed by SalScognamillo. The restaurant has a rich ambiance with Italian themesall over the enterprise. The lighting in the restaurant area reflectsthe bright colors to give the hotel a palatable theme. In terms ofranking and categorization, the restaurant is among the top of thebest places in New York to dine at.

Thenumber of employees is adequate to serve any number of guests, whichexplains why I was attended to even before I took the seat. Rightfrom the reception, the waiter welcomed me and led to the rightcorner where she pulled a chair for me. The menu at the table wasrich with five main classes of food the appetizers, salads, pastas,Patsy’s Signature Dishes, Sea Food and Meats category. All theclasses were well indicated with several options described underthem. The pictures of delicious options were included, which made anattractive booklet with a nice title.

Iwas interested with meat and I ordered for the Steak Alla Pizzaiola.The Steak Alla Pizzaiola was served with Manicottiand fresh vegetables accompanied with Patsy’sPizzaiola Sauce.After the delicious meal, I visited the restrooms that were wellmaintained with nice directions indicated. As argued by Mill (2006),the management at the hotel should be attentive to get responses ofthe customers. This was proven when the supervisor asked me how I wasserved. As I walked back to my seat from the rest rooms, thesupervisor also inquired for my comments about their food. I honestlytold him the service was good, but pointed out that they shoulddescribe the food options for non-Italian customers. Definitely, Iassured him that I will be a regular customer and I will recommend myfriends too.


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