Rogers Chocolate case study

Four solutions for Roger’s chocolate company in line of businesswould be branding, pricing, promotions and advertisements. Brandingis a powerful tool for marketing the chocolate product that positionsand identifies it from the other products. Their loyal brandparticularly in the Victoria area is very important for marketing.However, to capture more market targets, Roger’s chocolate needs toreplace the traditional image to an attractive one if they want togrow and appeal to more consumers.

Apart from branding, pricing is a strategy that affects thecustomers directly and the ultimate sale of the product. With manychocolate company competitors, Rogers company need to level theirprices to attract customers and give a competitive advantage. Thisshould be after considering the possible discounts and seasonalpricing.

Promotion involves give-aways, sampling, discounts and directmarketing activities. Creating publicity, online promotions ortelemarketing are also effective marketing strategies that the Rogerschocolate company can employ. Promotion creates more awareness of theproducts and attracts more consumers. It is an effective way forincreasing sales and hitting new targets.

Roger’s company used guide magazines, brochures and enroutemagazines to reach tourists and advertise the company in Canada. Theyneed to upgrade their advertisement strategies and come up withmodern advertisements. Mass media approaches like billboards,television commercials and online advertisements can capture morecustomers. An attractively displayed billboard of finely displayedchocolate, awakens appetite in every mouth. This should be the ideaof each advertisement to evoke thoughts of wanting to consume thechocolate. Online advertisements are crucial as the most innovativeplatforms of reaching large market targets. Accessibility and costeffectiveness is another advantage of online advertisements.

Channels of distribution cannot be excluded in marketing. ThoughRoger’s chocolates already have wholesale and retail channels ofdistribution, they need to invent other creative ways of distributingtheir product fast to expand more. They can for example, use othermultiple distribution channels like direct online, direct sales team,consultation, dealers and sales agents or manufacturer’s rep. Withthis distribution channels, the company is bound to experiencemassive growth within a short time.