Sacrifices Made By Rory Jansen to Become Successful

RoryJansen is in his pursuit of success in his literacy work and isawarded at a gala event for his successful literacy work. Some of hisnovels are rejected by the publishers, time after time. He isfinancially unstable where he stays with his wife and seeks somemoney from his father and looks for a job to be financially stable(Klugmanet al, 2012).His goal of being successful is mainly seen in the moves he takes tocome up with a masterly and attractive work on novels which should beacceptable by everyone including the publishers(Klugman et al, 2012).

Rorywanted to get a job at the literary agency as a mail supervisor andto further sell his first novel. He then decides to borrow some moneyfrom his father in order to see the objective go through. He gets thejob but his book is rejected by the publishers. His wife Dora buyshim a briefcase with an old but useful manuscript found inside. Hewants to be successful in his novel writing and so decides to typethe manuscript in his laptop. He sacrifices his time by even movingfrom his wife’s contact from the bed where they lie only to comeout and start the work of typing. His wife later convinces him totake to the publishers Joseph Cutler. His wife has the knowledge thatthe novel has been written by his husband. He becomes successful inhis work at this point as the publisher accepts the manuscript afterreading. Rory is given a contract of which he accepts and become moresuccessful as the book hits and makes him famous (Klugmanet al, 2012).

Rorywants to be honest and faithful by telling the truth about the novelbackground or its origin. He reveals the secret to both his wife andthe publisher Cutler that the book belongs to an old man whose wifeunconsciously in the briefcase. This is after the two had a divorceand separated after which the old man writes her the manuscriptcontaining his feelings (Klugmanet al, 2012).To recognize the old man as the true author, he is advised by thepublisher to sacrifice some of the profit obtained from the book tothe old man. He looks for the old man then sacrifices part of theprofit to pay him at his place of work in plant a nursery though herefuses the money offered to him. Rory even begs him to let himremove his name as the author in the novel. He also asks thepublisher to remove off his name as the true author but only to betold that the move will undermine their reputation and cause moreproblems. The old man only explains how writing the manuscript began.He finally advises Rory that people change from their mistakes andmove on and he will too change from his mistakes (Klugmanet al, 2012).

Roryalso wants to be an open person and to become innocent. Through this,he sacrifices to ask his wife for forgiveness by taking the old man’smanuscript. He does this to move on from his mistakes (Klugmanet al, 2012).Rory sacrifices in many situations to see his goal of literacysuccessfully achieved. He wants to achieve the objective of writingnovels that publishers and readers accept and also the personalrelationship between him and his fellow characters.


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