Safety and security survey


Safetyand security survey

Safetyand security survey

Theorganization which my career will most likely take me to is GoogleInc. An assessment of the company using the safety and securitysurvey instrument revealed the following information: the firstcheckpoint in the survey touches on the perimeter of the organization(Ortmeier, 2013). It seeks to find out whether the organization has afence or way through which it distinguishes itself from otherestablishments. This check also looks at the additional securitymeasures that work hand in hand with the fence. The organization hada satisfactory score. The next item of survey was the presence ofprotective alarms. The alarm system should be functional and theguards should be trained to respond appropriately to any alarm calls.The system should also be able to go through regular checkups to makesure it is functioning properly. The organization also had asatisfactory score here. Finally, there is the checkpoint thattouches on the guard forces. There should be a guard force presentthat is able to deal with any potential security threats. The guardforce should also be reviewed periodically to make sure it isfunctioning properly. Here the organization had an unsatisfactoryscore.

Thelevel of satisfaction in the first two checkpoints can be categorizedas desirable. The organization met the requirements in the expectedway. However, the culture of the organization does not allow forguard activity to be dominant. Therefore, the organization’sperformance in the last security and safety checkpoint was not up topar.

Thesecurity and safety system that has been put in place is good. Thisis because the fence and alarm systems are important factors thatprotect the organization from external threats. However, we live inan age where such systems are easily beat and the organization shouldplace more reliance on human capabilities. This way, the humanintellect will be directly involved in the safety and security of theorganization.


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