School Holidays #1.



Overthe years, the debate regarding the length of school holidays haspersisted, with some people arguing that there should be shortholidays while others advocate for long holidays. Short and longholidays have both advantages and disadvantages to the parents,teachers, and businesses at large. The proponents of short schoolholidays argue that there are immense benefits that can accrue tostudents since their academic performance will improve significantly.In addition, more school time ensures that students broaden theirknowledge since they will spend a lot of their time studying asopposed to spending more time going for school holidays. Parents arealso relieved of the duty of caring for their children since theywill spend less time with their children (Molnar85).

Shortschool holidays can also be hailed for their role in the reduction ofcrime related incidences in the community. With more school time andshorter vacations, juvenile crime declines significantly and there isalso a reduction in other social evils such as teen pregnancies,alcohol and drug abuse, which are common among school goingteenagers. The reduction of the vacations will also affect businessesthat rely on students during vacations. There are businesses thatprovide services during the school holidays the operations of suchventures will be affected by the school vacations.


Theintroduction of short school holidays will have a significant impacton commerce and industry. Some of the economic sectors will beadversely affected by the reduction in school terms. One of thebusiness that will feel the impact of the reduction in school termsis the travel industry. Over the years, parents have establishedcertain patterns, which guide their travel to various destinationsacross the world where they visit recreational sites with theirchildren. With the introduction of short holidays, it implies that itwill not be possible to visit this destinations since short termswill disrupt travelling. As a result, the revenue in the travelbusiness will decline significantly, and as a result, earnings willbe affected and some people may even be laid off in the travelindustry. The travel industry mostly relies on parents who take theirchildren on vacation. Short vacations implies that the travelbusiness will not be fully operational when students go on holidays(Tinley6).

Anotherbusiness that will be affected by the short term holidays is thehotel businesses. When students break for holidays, they are taken tohotels by their parents, and this gives them an opportunity to visitcertain recreational centers. When they are on holidays, students andtheir parents tend to spend most of their time in hotels. Forexample, they depend on hotels and for accommodation and otheramenities such as food. There are some hotels that offer a good viewof holiday destinations. For instance, the hotels located near lakes,and national parks are considered beneficial during school holidays.When the school holidays are short, it implies that the number ofstudents and their parents visiting the hotels will decline. Someparents will opt not to visit hotels during the short stint thattheir children will be at home, but instead spend time with thechildren at home. The hotel business may freeze employment and it islikely that during this period, few workers will be hired as comparedto when the school holidays are long (Rakoff101).

Auctionis also another business that will be affected by the shortening ofschool vacations. Most auctions, especially those that involve thesale of houses, are conducted during school vacations. Most parentsbuy houses where they can stay with their children instead of beingaccommodated in hotels, there are parents who opt for holiday homesthat are on auction. Short vacations implies that people who sellsuch property will have low sales since the time spend on vacationsis little, and parents can opt not to buy holiday homes (Rakoff106).


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