Should Cigarette Smoking be Banned?


ShouldCigarette Smoking be Banned?

ShouldCigarette Smoking be Banned?

Cigarettesmoking has been one of the most contentious issues in thecontemporary human society. This is especially considering theincreasing numbers of people who engage in the practice in spite ofthe apparent numerous side effects. However, questions have come upwith regard to whether or not cigarette smoking should be banned.While there may be differing opinion, it would be imperative thatcigarette smoking is banned.

First,cigarettes are known to be harmful to all people, whether smokers ornonsmokers. Indeed, research has shown that cigarettes incorporatemore than 4000 toxins which are taken up when an individual inhalesthe smoke. These toxins increase the risk of developingcardiovascular ailments, mental health problems, as well as cancer.Of particular note is the fact that the ailments are not limited tothe smokers themselves but also non-smokers. Indeed, secondhand smokehas been seen as a major risk for a large number of respiratoryproblems such as pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis among non-smokers.

Onthe same note, smoking comes with immense financial body to theindividual and the society at large. Smoking comes as an extremelyexpensive habit to the society considering the high premium rates forhealth insurance, as well as the finances used in medical checkupsand hospitalization. Further, the productivity of an individual wouldgo down, which affects the financial wellbeing of the country as well(Kozlowskiet al, 2001).Research shows that the United States spends $193 billion on lostproductivity, $96 billion on healthcare and $10 billion onsecond-hand smoke.

Inaddition, cigarettes are immensely harmful to the environment. Themanufacture of cigarettes generates non-trivial greenhouse gasesparticularly from fossil fuels that are utilized in the transport andcuring of the tobacco, the smoke emanating from their use, as well asthe fires that are caused by the careless disposal of cigarettesbutts (Kozlowskiet al, 2001).This underlines the unsustainable nature of cigarette smoking in aglobal warming world.

Inconclusion, cigarette smoking, in spite of its popularity in thecontemporary human society should be banned. This is especiallyconsidering its negative effects on the health of both smokers andnonsmokers, as well as the immense finances that are lost as a resultof the finances in terms of reduced productivity and increasedmedical costs for what are preventable ailments. On the same note,the habit cannot be sustained in a world that is grappling withclimate change and global warming as it takes back the efforts madeto combat these problems.


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