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SmatyPants Mobile E-Marketing

Theadvancement of technology has a positive impact on communication,hence an advantage to companies in terms of marketing due to theincreased market domain. The success of any company is based on itsmarketing strategies and therefore the need to take effectivemeasures. The number of people who have access to the internet growseach day and has forced companies to shift from the conventional ortraditional methods of marketing, to e-marketing. Some of the largesttoy companies which have benefited from e commerce and from whichSmarty Pants can borrow from, are listed below (DeMers, 2013).

  • The Lego Group: Lego was started in 1949 and is the largest toy manufacturing company based in Denmark and best known for interlocking plastic bricks which children use to make subsequent toys such as cars, houses and robots. Initially the bricks were used physically as toys, but with technology this has changed and the company has developed different software allowing games to be played using computers (Constantinides, 2006). Since these video games are often played using mobile devices, Lego uses e marketing to reach consumers. The Lego website is very popular and receives warm reception with many consumers visiting the website daily. The Lego Club is populous attracting over 5milllion children worldwide and the LEGO Ambassador Program for adults creates interactive platforms making Lego a household brand. The Lego Group also has a YouTube channel used to showcase all the products to potential consumers (DeMers, 2013).

  • The Walt Disney Company: Disney was founded in 1923 in America and is now a multinational Corporation with several divisions, the Disney Consumer Products division being in charge of producing toys. Disney is a brand name all over the world, hence has an advantage in terms of marketing. is the official website where the company displays its products. The company has also ventured into digital publishing with Disney eBooks. However the greatest e marketing tool by Disney is social media. The company has a huge fan base on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and uses them to pass on valuable information to consumers (Constantinides, 2006).


Understandingthe market structure is important in the development of an effectivemarketing strategy. Internet use and accessibility continues toincrease each year exponentially with 3billion people across theworld having access to the services. The market for Smartphone’sand android phones is also increasing with advance in technology andthe demand for advanced uses of these devices. Each Smartphone holdsabout 20-30 apps. Children, who are the mainstream market for SmartyPants Toys, are also gaining better accessibility to the internet andto devices. [ CITATION Kau07 l 2057 ]

Withthese factors under consideration Smarty Pants can achieve itsmarketing goals and at the same time foresee demographic changes. Thefuture of e-marketing will be dependent on more target advertisementsrather than those meant for a general audience. Research needs to beundertaken by companies so as to identify what a specific audiencerequires. Usage of the different platforms and spread of internetgives Smarty Pants an added advantage to utilize the market broadly.Visual rather than written marketing will also be a more effectivemedia for e-marketing. Videos which are short and precise will beproductive as well as banners with clear and short wording.


Emarketing has been adopted by many companies and the monotonydisplayed has negative implications on the product. Therefore toassure product confidence and value to consumers Smarty Pants shouldstrive to show their uniqueness from competitors through productdifferentiation. This is important in creating a brand and canguarantee product penetration into the market. In this case, SmartyPants should differentiate its products from those of competitors aswell as their own. Innovation is important in this process and can beimplemented into e marketing by developing new ways in which to reachmore consumers especially from mobile devices. Personalization canalso be used to differentiate products by offering differentconsumers with different offers targeting their interests.[CITATION DeM13 l 2057 ]

Trendsin E-Marketing

Manycompanies have realized the potential and positive results associatedwith e marketing. Content marketing is to be considered when acompany wants to capture the attention of the potential consumers.When using Medias such as videos it should be short and precise so asthat the message is home in the shortest time possible. Narrowcasting, that is targeting a specific market, in this case childrenor parents, should also be considered. Some of the recent e marketingplatforms are:

  • Social media marketing: social media has penetrated into our society and therefore Smarty Pants should take advantage of this to market products. Facebook, twitter and YouTube are most popular and therefore should be given priority. They are important because they offer opportunities for blogging and also allow the customers to give reviews on products and these interactions are important for creating brands (Constantinides, 2006).

  • Mobile apps: with the increase of android and smart phones in the market more apps have room for accommodation by potential consumers. Smarty Pants should therefore develop apps which are mobile friendly so as to tap the market effectively.

  • Email marketing: this involves sending messages to consumers and allowing them to give their feedback. This marketing strategy is effective due to the personalized appeal it has on the consumers. Smarty Pants should therefore employ e marketing, targeting especially parents who can be potential customers and the response is also important in analyzing the needs of the market (Clarke &amp Flaherty, 2010).

ProductSafety and Security

Toysare an essential part of early childhood development and aretherefore very delicate in terms of what influence they have on theinvolved children. Smarty Pants toys should therefore not only impactthe children positively, but also ensure that they exploit theircreativity to the maximum (Geho, 2012).

Thetoys should be created in such a way that they are harmless to thechildren, either physically or mentally. The size and shape of thesetoys should be in a children friendly way so as to not bruise themwhile playing thus the material used to manufacture should be safe. Awarning label and instructions on usage should be in place. The toysshould also be able to relate to the children’s minds so that theydo not over expose them. This can be ensured by rating these toys.Smarty Pants should also oversee online sales to avoid online fraud(DeMers, 2013).

Inconclusion, with advancement in technology, increased internet usage,and accessibility of mobile devices, Smarty Pants should strive toexcel in e marketing for their products. Aggressive measures shouldbe taken to ensure their products are accessible and well knownworldwide by taking advantage of the already established e-market.With the development of technology and its adoption in different andmany sectors, E-marketing has become one of the platforms to becomewidely used by business entities to market their product andservices. Once implemented and effectively used, the returnon investment from thee-marketingcan far surpass that of long-established marketing approaches.


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