Specific careers




Ifound this course to be educating, skill equipping and relevant. Thecourse provides new knowledge which one is not aware of beforeundertaking it. It also has practical methods and examples which canbe experienced outside of class. Therefore, the course is not justabout theoretical information but also about practical things thatcan be observed. Finally, it is my opinion that the course equips uswith knowledge that is relevant to the career path that we aretaking. As a student, the course not only met my expectations butalso exceeded them. It proved my initial assumption that it would bea boring and impractical course wrong as it turned out to be veryinteresting. Improvements on the course would entail constantlyupdating the course content. New emerging methods and proceduresshould be inducted in the course.

Specificcareers that are associated with the career opportunities discussedin the course text include: mission support careers, law enforcementcareers, immigration and travel security careers and finallyprevention and response careers. Mission support careers deal withhuman resources, facilities, civil rights, coordination and frauddetection. Law enforcement careers deal with protection of seniormembers of the country such as the president and the vice president,securing the borders of the country and ensuring economic,infrastructure and transportation security. Immigration and travelsecurity careers deal with protection of the country’stransportation systems and lawful immigration into the country.Finally there are the prevention and response careers. These careersdeal with jobs that protect the environmental and economic interestsof the country. They also offer the preparation, protection, responseand recovery with the aim of reducing loss of life and damage toproperty in case of any hazards (DHS, 2013)


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