Staphylococcus Research Discussion


StaphylococcusResearch Discussion

StaphylococcusResearch Discussion

Staphylococcusis a bacterium representing the genus of the Gram-positive coccibacteria. When observed under a microscope, they appear in agrape-shaped cluster but they are rounded. According to Hakenbeck andChhatwal (2007),the Staphylococcus has about 40 species but with three major species.The three major species of staphylococcus are the Staphylococcusepidermidis,the Staphylococcusaureusand the Staphylococcussaprophyticus.Of the three species, the Sureusis the most pathogenic. This is because the SAureusis resistant to salt and expresses a number of polysaccharidesand extracellular proteins (Horaud, 1997). In addition, the Saureusis resistant to most of the antibiotics compared to the other two.

Thepathogenesis for these pathogens depends on a variety of factors.This is because the development of the diseases that they cause isbased on the immunity of the host and the pathogenic potential of thebacteria(Hakenbeck&amp Chhatwal, 2007).Thefactor that determines the pathogenesis of the Saureusis the immunity of the skin of the host. This is because the pathogencauses skin diseases like boils, and even serious infections likepneumoniaand meningitis(Horaud,1997). However, other factors count in the invasion of the bacteriasince its attack and diseases has multi-factorial pathogenesis,including environmental factors.

Hyaluronidaseis the substance that is called the &quotspreading factor.” It isthe enzyme that acts on the base substance in a connective tissue,the hyaluronicacid. The substance is called &quotspreadingfactor” because of this activity (Hakenbeck&amp Chhatwal, 2007).In the microbiology, the Hyaluronidase is produced by S aureus toattack the on the host. The substance enables the organism topenetrate the host cell by acting as the resistant to phagocytesattacks that are done by the leukocytes of the host such as humancells.


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