is the state of having an emotional or mental tension due to a strainfrom the environment or an adverse circumstance. According to Seaward(7), stress is the way the body responds to the strain and any otherkind of demand to the body of the environmental circumstances.

is diversely experienced in different age groups. According toCarlsonand Heth (19)the diversity is because of the difference in the ability of theseage groups to handle the strain brought about by stress. While allage groups face similar circumstances, the young and adolescent ageis the most stressful. This is because their bodies are overwhelmedby the biological changes that occur in their bodies.

Itis important to note that stress affects all aspects of a humanbeing. For instance, at my work, work-related stress gives me thepositive pressure to complete tasks according to the working demands.However, stress reduces the happiness that normally accompanies myusual days. On the other hand, stress related to relationshipscreates a reason for me to worry because of caring for the otherperson.

Fromthese experiences, it is important to note that some type of stressis good. This is because stress gives people the demand to accomplishthings and achieve. According to Krantzet al (3)stress is good because it gives a reason for creativity and findingsolutions. When an individual overcomes the stressor, he or she growsto become more resilient and motivated to succeed. However, stress isbad if it becomes chronic and tends to affect the health of a person.Krantzet al (3)argues that chronic stress is bad when it impends a person’sactivity and interferes with the normal working condition of thebody. This situation becomes even worse when the chronic stress andthe bad effects persist longer.


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