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DescriptiveBudget And The Performance And Integrity Of Personnel In A Project

  1. The Descriptive Budgetary Information

Thefirst step of the project was to conduct the relevant technicalresearch on engineering and the team came up with this device calledSSHHH device. The research and development team that had the requiredengineering skills utilized some of the financial and technicalresources of the company. The following figures show the summary ofwhat the team used:

Cash $50000

Informationtechnology devices $40000

Laborcost $3000

Uncertaintyin outcome of the research study $1000

Theproject then passes to the next stage of planning the required amountof financial resources needed to enable the project run smoothly inorder to achieve the final product of SSHHH required. Here the teammembers carried out the planning process that involved empirical andcritical thinking processes that led to the identification of thenecessary technology that were found relevant in assisting in theproduction and development of the project (Curristine, 12). Theplanning process also helped in identifying the specifications of theproject in terms of the resources that will be required, the problemsthat might be faced during the project and some of the financialrequirement to be adjusted in the course of the project. Thefollowing figures give a summary of the amount of money spent on theplanning process:

Hiringof consultants $ 12500

Timeresources cost $1200

Miscellaneousexpenses $1600

Thenext stage that the project went through was looking for theassistance to ensure that the device met the standards of theelectrical devices. Here the team members looked for the associationssuch as the IEEE that sets the standards and ethics required in orderto produce a device that conforms to the standard set. This helped inensuring that the customers consume or use an electrical appliancethat is accepted and approved for consumption. The following figuresshow the allocated budget for the assistance seeking:

Consultingexpenses $5000

Meetingthe standards required $40000

Thefeasibility assessment: this involved the activities carried out toensure that the device being produced is viable and a direction isfound that acts as guidance to the whole project by coming up withthe right design (Harris and Raviv, 34). The purpose of this activitywas to come up with a big picture of the design of the device beforedeveloping and coming up with the final design of the device bestdesign. Another reason for conducting the feasibility assessment wasto make sure that the device works properly and is feasible with theelectrical appliances that exist so that no interference between itand other electronic devices can happen, that can cause accidents.The following figures show the budget allocated to the process:

Technicalsupport $12300

Designingactivities $2200

Theprocesses described above shows the stages passed when determiningthe capability of the company towards the achievement of the devicemanufacture. It also involved the use of technical and financialresources in ensuring that the project is put into the rightdirection for smooth run of activities and processes throughout theentire duration allocated to it. The team members also conductedother processes after the above steps and activities that ensuredthat the device was finally manufactured.

Theschematic process: the team conducted a schematic process in ensuringthat the design of the project is a circuit diagram and its symboloutline for easier understandability of the manufacture and itsoperations (Curristine, 23). The schematic process also provided theway the device will be connected to the electricity and how it willwork. The following shows the budget allocated to the schematicprocess:

Equipmentrequirement for demonstration $12400

Energyutility $260

Laborrequired $4000

Softwarecodes and manufacturing procedures: These are the processes conductedto ensure that the company set the require codes and the proceduresthat lead to the production of the device in a preliminary form. Thesoftware codes helps in identifying the functionality of the deviceand the compatibility issues, while the procedures of themanufacturing ensure that the device is produced according to thespecifications set in place. The following budget shows the howfinancial resources were allocated to the process:

Technicianin IT $3000

Laborcost $3000

Othercomputer expenditure $1200

Thenext step was the part specifications and the vendor selection: thepart specification involved relating the ideas generated from thefeasibility assessment stage and here, the team segmented the deviceinto different parts and the specifications required in order to comeup with the parts that are compatible to make one general device. Thevendor selection involved the identification of the vendors who havethe parts required and selecting the best vendor by evaluating thembasing on their capabilities, quality and capability. The followingfigures show the budget allocated to the various processes in thisstage:

Costof the parts $ 100000

Costof selecting the best vendor $4000

Costof communication $1250

Theverification stage: this process ensured that the device produced istested and verified for its functionality. The device is tested forits compatibility with other electronic devices and other software inorder to confirm that the device is not harmful to the user due tosuch things like electric shocks and skin burn due to electromagneticfield. The following figures show the budget allocated to the processabove:

Testingcosts $1300

Costof failure of the device$ 990

Thelast stage of the project was the release to production where thedevice is taken to the customer’s manufacturing facility forproduction of a customized device that suits the needs of the user.The following show the financial figures allocated to the productionprocess:

Transportationcosts $8000

Manufacturingcosts $100000

Indirectcosts $25000

OtherDirect costs $40000

Intangiblecosts $15000

  1. The Performance And Integrity Of The Personnel

Theperformance of the personnel is general low. Their performance isgradually improving though it is still below average. They are unableto set and facilitate the project activities in good pace in order tomeet the required duration available. The project slugs behind andtoo much time taken to move from one activity to another this showsthat the personnel have low performance that hinders the achievementof the projection completion time.

Thepersonnel have integrity in their work although some of the elementsof integrity are not evidenced in them. For example, they don’tobserve complete moral principles in their promotion andinterpersonal relations in the team. Some of them are not thatfriendly and are not social enough to share personal challenges with. On the matters concerning the promotion, I feel that it is not beingpractical and realistic to employ a person freshly and put him in ahigher position without gaining the experience required in that job.When I say this, I mean the fact that I have in the company for overfive years, I feel it more realistic to be promoted before any otherindividual that has just been employed as I have the experience andskills required to bring high level of performance of the project(Ones, Viswesvaran and Schmidt, 56).

Thepersonnel show some good and acceptable level of competence in theirwork though this has not been proved significantly in the project asthe progress of the project is actually very low. They are howevernot that efficient as they allocated too much funds to the projectactivities making the project to be practically expensive and hard toachieve the goals of the company. The personnel however areunderstanding and show maximum flexibility in their decision making.This will help in carrying out the negotiation processes that willhelp in making them revisit the financial allocation of theactivities of the project.

Thepersonnel have a lot of potential of creative thinking and coming upwith new technologies that will help the organization achieve itsgoals. They have the skills and the expertise that help in generationof new ideas. New forms of technologies are one of the most importantrequirements in this project and hence these potential ideas andexpertise exhibited by the personnel is a vantage to the project(Ones, Viswesvaran and Schmidt, 79). The personnel are also effectivein their work in as much as they are slow in their pace ofperformance, they are however effective in setting up an operationalby being collaborative in team work to ensure that the goal andobjectives of the company are achieved.


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