Withthe plane-crash cases of rising in the 21st century, it is imperativeto ensure that all requirements are strictly adhered to while intraining. Normally, aviation institutions expect that the individualstasked with training with comply with the guidelines set by thenFederal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is important to have theright kind of training as trainees are responsible for all theflight-related activities. That is to say there are some people whowill rely solely on these people hence the need to guarantee flawlesstraining.

Asa Front Line Manager (FLM), my duty would be to ensure totaladherence of the guidelines set by both the company and the FAA. Forinstance, in case of evidence of deficiency, I would ensure that itis noted and reported in order to help the developmental. Secondly,as per the FAA’s policy, I would ensure that upon identificationand the subsequent reporting of this deficiency, training is assigneddirectly to the related deficiency. The essence of this step is toensure that the controller-in-training develops the necessary skills.

IndividualPerformance management (IPM) refers to a continuous strategy that isapplied by various organizations in managing the employees in a bidequip them for purposes of helping in the achievement of objectives.In the aviation industry, this is a vital step in ensuring that allrelevant personnel are well-equipped to carry out their dutiescompetently. The work of FLM in the aviation industry is to manageemployees, ensure quality in operations as well offer the necessarymotivation. The cardinal rule to become the best FLM is to understandall the policies firstly and develop a professional way ofimplementing it. Personally, I think if FLMs could implement all thepolicies in a friendly and professional way, it would work for thebetter of everybody. That is to say, they ought not to compromise inensuring compliance, but supervision need to be done in away allstaff find pleasure in doing so.