Summary of Book “Mere Christianity” GOD

of Book &quotMere Christianity&quot


According to the schoolboy God is described as someone who is always watching us “snooping” and ready to stop anyone whenever they go astray (Lewis, 124). However, in most cases we only think about God alone when we are praying, and he accommodates everyone regardless their thoughts about him. He also has room for those people who are with little sense although He wishes that everyone uses the senses that they have got. It is also a puzzle and many people try to understand what both man and God do when they are working together. However, many people confuse this scenario since God does not do this so that you can do that, God is all the time within someone and outside (Lewis 127). Human languages can explain this companionship correctly because they tend to go astray when explaining this phenomenon.


The reality is whereby every moral rule that exists is there for a fact to prevent any problem that might come about. It’s real that that moral rule are in place to run the humans. Another reality is that when a person considers himself ideal he expects to be rewarded in the end. That’s the reason when a person does a sum he expects to be congratulated since he expects that he will get it right. However, perfect mathematics is considered ideal since at one point in time somebody might go wrong in the calculations (Lewis 143). Nevertheless, it`s good to try to be accurate in every calculation since every failure will cause trouble and that’s the reason we stick to the fact of attempting to avoid this problem in the future.


When looking at humanity, it is clear that every human being sees moral failure as something that might lead to trouble. However, in most occasions humans go wrong, each tend to follow separate way that then leads to the collision at the end. Nevertheless, they are brought together by moral rules, morality brings harmony and fair play in such scenarios and bringing in the course of human beings in life. Humans tend to think about their first decisions alone, which is not a real thing.


A moral rule is considered as something that restricts, that thing that ends someone`s real time (Lewis 141). In real sense, the moral standards are guidelines for guiding human beings. Each moral law exists to avert failure, tension, or resistance, in the daily lives of people. This shows the primary reason these guidelines at first appear to be continuously meddling with what we consider our normal preferences. Many people think talking about moral ideals, this is perfection, and it is not achievable since there is no person who can actually achieve moral perfection.


Looking at the truth you find that when Christianity is seen as true, then Hell is specially precise practical word for whatever it would be. This can be compared with totalitarianism and democracy when looking at immortality whereby if human beings live only for some few years, then a nation which is going to be in existence longer than the individual is more important than the person. However, because Christianity is true, a person is not only significant but also exceptionally more special because he is eternal, and the life of a nation is just a moment (Lewis 152). Truth is also considered a component of justice. justice is not only what goes on in the courtrooms, but it also includes keeping promises, honesty, fairness and truthfulness


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