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of Book Mere Christianity


Accordingto Lewis (35), Christians believe that a God exist who is righteousand good. He is an integral part of the universe but distinct fromthe creator of the universe and the universe itself. He states thatthose people who oppose the existence of God and his goodness andrighteousness , the reason being that if God was good, he could nothave created an evil world full of cruelty, their foundation is weak as long as what they think is good is based on what they judge asevil in this world. Furthermore, when Christians believe that Godexists, the aspect of evil comes in and therefore they are made toaccept that evil exists in the world.


Lewissuggested that the presence of evil forms a problem and its solutionis very hard to find since there are seldom any good solution (36).He further states that reality is much more than people would haveimagined. The answer that Christianity gives about reality is thatthe world is good place but it has gone wrong. This notion goesagainst the answer of dualism that states that the only supremepowers that exist are the powers of evil and good. According todualism, the evil experienced in the world is as a result of badpower. Thus, the dualism answer is not sufficient because the momentan individual tries to differentiate between what is evil and good,he or she forms a merit by which each is judged. As a result, onegoes back to the notion of one Supreme Being (37). Moreover, theybelieve that the evil seeks evil for its benefit is not right becauseevil cannot be said to be a positive entity. It is absence of good ina person or being. Thus, Christianity asserts that the evil powerexists but can never and is not supremely evil, and that it is goodpower that has fallen.


“Godcreated things which had free will. That means creatures which can goeither wrong or right” (Lewis 37). God created free beings thusallowing evil to invade His world that is good. This free willallowed a likelihood of humans to be inclined to evil deeds. Theychoose evil to be free from God’s control, what Lewis termed aspride. Since humans cannot live without God and are made for Him,choosing the way of pride is meaningless. Not only did God allow evilto happen, but also He lives to conquer it by various ways includingcoming to earth to forgive sins, thus paid for humanity’s debt.Lewis (52) suggest that repentance is the only way that a sinfulhuman can return to God, therefore God needs to repent with hispeople meaning that for him to do so, he must be a human.


Moralityis defined as consisting three things. This includes harmony andfairplay between individuals, harmonization of the things inside anindividual, finally, the holistic human life general purpose (Lewis52). Lewis (57) suggests that most of the time, when people thinkabout morality, the first thing they begin with is social relationand assumes others. Therefore, he recommends that if human beings areto think about the concept of morality, they should consider allthree aspects. That is, man and man relations, relationship betweenman and things that he holds inside, and relationship between thepower of the man’s creator and him. People have a likelihood ofcooperating with the first one and the second one brings aboutdisagreements, and these disagreements become serious with the thirdaspect. Thus, the difference between non Christian and Christianmorality can become clear if the third aspect is dealt with.


Lewis(65) suggest that Christians believe that pride is the root for allviolent actions experienced in many nations and in families. Thetruth is that God is really at the top and he hates pride because ithurts this truth. God is greater than any other gods and prideprevents its holder from knowing who the true God is, thus it createsenmity (65). Thus, Christianity asserts that humility is the way togo.


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