Sustainable Business Practice

Adobe Company is one of the leading providers of digital mediasolutions and digital marketing. The tools and services offered bythis company help business achieve success by creating backgrounddigital content, positioning it across devices and media andoptimizing and measuring it over time. Thus, helping their clientsmanage, make, monetize and measure content across the screen andevery channel. Nevertheless, when it comes to corporate socialresponsibility Adobe is criticized for failing to develop asustainable relationship with its customers and surrounding community(Mullerat &amp Daniel 16).

Even though software do not cause direct health risk to people theyindirectly pose a danger to the user who have to sit for hours suchas fatigue, stress, physical discomfort and visual discomfort. Thesustainable issue in this case is health, by finding a way to ensurethe health of computer user the company will show strongaccountability system.

The name of a sustainable project would be Active Healthy Living.Healthy customers are productive people who will be able to buy thecompany products thus leading to growth of the company also.

Solution, by recognizing that the health of computer user isinterwoven with Adobe company success the company can inspire peopleto take care of their health. Through their product, the company canoffer user information on how to stay healthy. Moreover, the companycan promote the benefit of physical exercises to computer users. Thiscan be done by sponsoring active, healthy programs meant to exercisethe body.

Moreover, the company as a way of giving back to the community canparticipate in tree planting activities and sponsoring programs meantto conserve the natural habitats for animals. This way the companywill have played a huge role in keeping the earth green. The benefitof this to the company is that it will make it popular and loved bypeople who will in return buy its products.

By Promoting active, healthy living, the company shows the commitmentto a workable solution of the health hazards caused by working forlong hours on a computer. Moreover, the company should sponsorseducational programs worldwide on how to deal with problems caused byexcessive use of computer. Additionally, Adobe Company shouldcollaborate with the government agencies to sponsor the building ofaffordable green neighborhood. Whereby the houses built are pocketfriendly and computer users have control over environmental factorssuch as ventilation, noise, lighting and temperature, therefore,reducing computer-related health issues.

The relevant benefits and cost comprises of two components theenvironmental benefit and social benefit. By planting trees andsponsoring programs meant to conserve natural habitats and keep theenvironment clean, the environment will benefit by getting directimprovement of reduced carbon dioxide emission thus having qualityfresh air (Combe 23). Moreover, deferred damage cost to society thatwould have been used as alternative will be avoided (Ahmed 169). Thesociety on the other hand, will benefit through increased awarenessof how they can maintain healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, the societywill benefit by being saved the cost of investing in tree plantingand conserving nature and thus use the funds to purchase Adobecompany products. The company will benefit in terms of foregone taxon the funds invested in this sustainable projects.

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