Synopses 3 and 4 Number

Synopses3 and 4



  1. of the case

Itentails the taking over of one organization by another. A Mexicancompany (Grupo Mazaplan) ventured into the Ecuadorian market andinvested in SupercompraRetail organizations. Rodrigo Peredeswas to help in transforming the purchasing strategy of the acquiredcompany. The case looks into the challenges faced by businesses whenattempting to build up trade dealings with low-income traders throughmarket methods (Josefina &amp Manuela, 2013).

  1. Primary decision problem/issue

Theprimary decision was to change or discard the previous company’spurchasing model from the centralized model to a more decentralizedmodel (Josefina &amp Manuela, 2013).

  1. Key protagonists (or organizations) and their roles

Thekey players in the case are GrupoMazaplan,this is the Mexican Company that took over the EcuadorianSupercompra,JuanPedro Zapata, Rodrigo Peredes and the Andean farmers who were themain shareholders or suppliers to the Supercompra (Josefina &ampManuela, 2013).

  1. Possible alternatives/ constraints going forward

Themain case is to change the company’s purchasing model however,this is affected by the man obstacle as the farmers have stoppedsupplying their produce directly to the company (Josefina &ampManuela, 2013).

  1. Additional thoughts on how to deal with the case

Inreference to the case, it can also be dealt with the initiative ofthe company collecting the produce from the farmers. This wouldenable the farmers to have trust with the company again.


  1. Case Summary

Thecaseentailsthe implementation of the ‘ePass procurement system’ by theBetapharm. In addition, the case also looked into the merits anddemerits of the proposed use of the ePass system in other businessessuch as the hotel contracts and outsourcing of raw materials (Susan&ampTaylor, 2005).

  1. Primary decision problem/issue

Themain issue in the case is the concern of the Betapharm management onwhether the newly implemented system will be effective, as well aswhat benefits and shortcomings of are associated with centralized andeProcurement systems as opposed to face-face negotiations (Susan&ampTaylor, 2005).

  1. Key protagonists (or organizations) and their roles

Theprimary player in the case is Betapharm Corporation, which has tomake a crucial decision whether to adopt the newly acquired ePasssourcing system in outsourcing raw materials and hotel contracts.Other players include Betapharm Corporation management team (Susan&ampTaylor, 2005).

  1. Possible alternatives/ constraints going forward

Thepossible constraints to the implementation of the newly adoptedsystem into hotels and raw materials are the debate whether thesystem will work well in the proposed areas other than in theBetapharm Corporation (Susan&ampTaylor, 2005).

  1. Additional thoughts on how to deal with the case

Theessence of procurement has been to improve the performance of anorganization as well as reduce the costs in cured to increase thefinancial gain of any given organization. Implementing new systems inan organization needs to be done moderately and step by step in orderto achieve maximum benefit.


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