Day is a public holiday in the United States which is basically a daywhen the people give thanks to God for the blessing of what they haveachieved, but traditionally it was to offer thanks for blessing ofharvest. It is the last Thursday of November, and thus may fall onany date usually in the late days of the month. This year, the dayfalls on Thursday the 27 of November. has beencelebrated since 1863, even though it was officially recognized as anannual national holiday in 1789 by the then president GeorgeWashington. During this day, friends and families come together toshare a special meal, which usually comprise of a turkey and otherfoods. Generally, people give thanks because of what they have, andnot necessarily harvest.

Apartfrom eating together, people parade along major cities and towns.These parades are at times perceived as the opening of Christmas dayshopping period. Employers as well as business give their employees afour day break. This time, people take advantage to go for trips withfamilies and friends, making it the busiest travel time in America.The routine activities are destructed including the transport systemwhich does not operate on regular schedule. As a result, there isusually traffic congestion. People also play football across thecities which together with parades make the cities impassible.

is also celebrated in Canada. However, not every person has embracedthanks giving as a time to celebrate. There are supporters of a groupof Native Americans who have been known to stage demonstrations inMassachusetts. In addition, American Indians celebrate their Heritageday in the same period which is noticeable in the country.