The best way to create a good society is with good citizens

Thebest way to create a good society is with good citizens

Thesociety is made up of people who become the citizen of the communityor a country. The society is an outcome of the interaction betweenpeople and the resolution to coexist in a certain way that creates anorder. In a country, a good society is made up of people who are insupport of the resolution to live in the ways set by the society. Ina republic these resolutions exist in the form of laws that guide therepublic and all the people, who is referred to as citizens.Therefore, this discussion aims at illustrating that the best way tocreate a good society or good laws is with good citizens.

Ittakes good citizens to create a good society because it is the goodcitizens that make good laws. The law creates a regulation of howpeople coexist to make a society good for others to live in.According to Socrates, there are things that the society need tocoexist, without asking for them and law is such a need (Grant 35).However, the law is created by people, which means that the qualityof the laws is determined by the quality of people that formulatethem (Magnette 17). This shows that the main determinants of thesociety are the laws that regulate the interaction of people. At thesame time, the intentions that these laws are made to fulfill aredetermined by the people who are in the position of making the laws.Therefore, good people make good laws that create good societies.

Platobelieved that knowledge is made from the truth and it determines themorality of people (Prauscello 229). Therefore, the truth that aperson believes leads to the formulation of laws that are reflectiveof the knowledge. As a result, morality is maintained in the societyby developing good rules. Good people use their rationale to createlaws that form a good society. Du Bois argues that racial segregationin societies could only be corrected if good people took action toform the laws that were just for all. This means that the laws aswell as the society are the results of good citizens.

Accordingto Socrates, a good citizen practices the good that is recognized bythe society (Grant 94). However, Plato confirms that the good that ispracticed by an individual comes from personal judgement. It isthrough this perception a person realizes he or she has done a goodthing. Therefore, the actions of a person have to come from him andnot from the society. For a person to live a good life that can leadto his or her description as a good citizen, his or her actions haveto be based on the judgment that he is doing well. Du Bois (117)argues that people treat others based on their own conviction of howthey should act, and not about the society. Therefore, good citizensmake a good society by doing what is good in their own judgment.

Inaddition, Socrates argues that a good society is made up of goodpeople who believe in the ideals of a healthy coexistence (Grant140). This means that a man can judge his goodness based on theideals that he internalizes from the society. however, Plato arguesthat the individual goodness must come from the internal reflectionof a person (Prauscello 229). The society only gives a platform for aperson to portray what he believe in. According to Du Bois, thepractice of segregating the blacks is a bad thing for the society.However, it is not the society that segregates people it is theindividuals who form the habit of treating backs badly. This meansthat such segregations are done by people who internalized the wrongthings on how to coexist with others.

Accordingto Plato, a man uses his rationality to see good ideas and ideals ofthe society (Prauscello 231). This means that different people seethings differently based on their rationality. In coherence with thisassertion, Socrates argued that good people use their rationality topractice what is universally acceptable in the society by adoptingthe good of the society. At the same time, society consists of idealsand behaviors that can be received by both the bad citizens and thegood citizens. What makes a society good or bad is the practice ofthe ideals of individuals. This means that the main determinant of agood person is not the society but the people who practice the idealsof the society. It is for this reason that there are both good peopleand bad people even in a good society with good laws.

Whilethe society is important in raising a good citizen, the mostimportant determinant of the society is the citizen. This is becausecitizens of the society and formulate the laws that regulate thecoexistence between people. As argued by Plato, the rationality ofpeople determines their perception of good ideas from the society andto practice good citizenship. Socrates informs that the societyinvolves many people, which is a basis of understanding the society.This means that the interaction of good people results in a goodsociety. This is because the society does not determine the type ofcharacter that a person takes but only gives options. Good citizenswill portray their goodness by interacting well with others to form agood society. Therefore, the best way to create a good society orlaws is with good citizens.


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