The First Emperor of China


TheFirst Emperor of China

TheFirst Emperor of China

Thedocumentary is about the first emperor of China and how he sustainedhis dynasty in the middle of frequent wars. He was the king of Qin, aChinese State during the warring period of 246 BC to 221 BC, butbecame an emperor in 221 BC until 210BC when he died (D.B,2013).He became the self-proclaimed first empower of china, which is arguedto be the time of unification of the vast country. While there aremany arguments about his kingship being the first emperor, thedocumentary presents him as the one who practically ruled the vastempire with more conspicuous sense of unity.

Thedocumentary presents his experiences of war and leadership style thatdo not show any difference with any other emperor. During his reign,he expanded the kingdom and consolidated the empire to create what isregarded as the unified china. Among the kingdoms that he concurredinclude the Han, the Xiongnu tribes and the Northern Nomadic tribes.Even though he is credited with uniting china, he used dictatorialstyles. Despite the style of rule, the emperor grew the kingdom interms of economic and infrastructural developments.

Inthis regard, he built new roads to unite the dynasty and aid hismovement. The paths across the dynasty were improved, in all thetribes and kingdoms he conquered. The military grew stronger in hisreign with young men from all over the country joining to fight (D.B,2013).His spiritual life was, however dominated by his fear death as hesought for a treatment to make I`m immortal. Ironically, this is thequest that led to his death. Generally, his reign can be creditedwith the expansion of the dynasty that formed the basis of unitingchina.


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