The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858

TheLincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858

I.Ottawa,Illinois, August 21, 1858 debate

a.Major slavery issues discussed

1.Douglas’ position

2.Lincoln’s position

a.Lincoln and making Illinois a free Negro state

b.Lincoln’s position on Negroes rights after the Declaration ofindependence

c.The debate winner

II.Freeport,Illinois, August 27, 1858 debate

a.Population in attendance

b.Weather condition

c.Douglas’ position on possibility of excluding slavery

III.Jonesboro, Illinois, September 15, 1858

  1. Location of the debates

  2. Lincoln’s position on the issue of introducing equal rights for both the black and white community

  1. Sharing work positions with the blacks

  2. Intermarriages

  3. Social and political equality of the blacks and whites

  1. The person to take the superior position

IV.Charleston, Illinois, September 18, 1858

  1. Number of spectators

  2. Lincoln’s position regarding abolition in Illinois

  3. Douglas’ critic towards Lincoln’s double standard regarding white supremacy and abolition in the north and South

  4. Lincoln’s position concerning the black people and their rights after declaration of independence

  5. The Dread Scott discussion

  6. Douglas’ suggestions concerning anti-slavery policies in Illinois

V.Galesburg, Illinois, October 7, 1858


b.Douglas’ suggestion concerning slavery policies in individualstates

c.Lincoln’s attitude towards the morality of slavery and recommendedmethods to address the issues

d.Debate conclusion

VI.Quincy, Illinois, October 13, 1858

  1. Douglas proposition of some states maintain slavery

  2. Popularity of Lincoln’s anti-slavery position

  3. Negro’s portrayal according to Douglas and Lincoln

VII.Alton, Illinois, October 15, 1858

  1. Number of spectators

  2. Douglas’s position concerning the Declaration of independence and the rights of the negroes

  3. Lincoln and his belief that Negroes required some rights to enjoy Declaration of Independence, although they should retain the white supremacy

  4. Lincoln’s answer to the trick question and its generation of many political enemies

  5. The overall winner of the seven debates


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