The Rich and The Poor


TheRich and The Poor

TheSymbiotic Relationship between the Rich and the Poor

Thereexist a symbiotic relationship between the rich and the poor. Therelationship is supported by the class system that emanates from theinequality between the owners of factors of production and thelaborers. The rich are the owners of the various factors ofproduction while the laborers are the poor in the society. Thestatus-quo is maintained by the capitalist economies across the worldthat ensures the rich continue to prey on the poor laborers. Thefollowing paper seeks to assess whether a scenario where the richinquire from the poor people the various changes that they require inorder to improve their lives mirror or does not mirror their reallife exchange.

Thescenario where the rich inquire from the poor what they require inorder to improve their lives mirrors a real life exchange. Theregular tendencies of the poor to always agitating for bettersalaries from the exploitative owners of factors of production makesthe above statement valid. These grievances arise from amelioratingconditions that the poor are expected to cope with as they work forthe rich. These conditions may vary from economic depressions tounsafe working environments. When these grievances are not addressedthe poor result to strikes that require the rich to call the poor tothe negotiation table. At the negotiation table the rich inquire fromthe poor what they require to make their lives better. At thisjuncture, the poor make their demands to the rich. The rich reviewthe various proposal made by the poor to improve their lives. Theylater seek to reach a compromise with the poor on the various changesthey seek to adopt to make their lives better. If a compromise is notreached the strikes continue but the strikes are called off once acompromise is agreed upon by the various stakeholders.

Fromthe above context, the instance where the rich inquires from the poorabout what they require in order to improve their lives mirror’stheir real life exchange. The inability of the rich to utilize theirfactors of production without the laborers ensures the scenariobecomes practical. The laborers also cannot utilize their laborwithout these factors of production provided by the rich. It isevident that each cannot exist independently from each other.