The Scripting Theory

TheScripting Theory

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TheScripting Theory

TheSexual Script Theory is based on the argument that the sexual choicesthat humans make is largely determined by the subjectiveunderstandings and knowledge, which they possess about theirsexuality. To a large extent, the notion of gender and humansexuality are affected by the arguments made in the scripting theory.This is because the theory explains the beliefs that human beingshave on the issue of sexuality. According to the theory, human beingsdevelop the ability to relate their characters to gender. Forexample, using the theory, people develop norms and rules that guideinteractions between males and females. In addition, the theory isinstrumental in understanding the impact of the biological model onthe interactions between men and women. The sexual behavior acrossall genders (male and female) is guided by inner drives, which can beregarded as biological (Beres, 2014).

Thetheory also helps in understanding the notion of gender and sexualityin humans since it portrays the social aspects related to gender. Itis evident that sex can be regarded as a social construct this isbecause it is social contexts that determine what can be categorizedas either sexual or non-sexual. With the reliance on sexual scripts,human beings as actors can identify behaviors and situationsthat&nbspare&nbspsexual. Culture also affects sexual scriptingaffects gender roles. Through socialization within a particularcultural setting, both the female and male gender internalize sometraits. These traits determine what is expected from both genders.The society allocates roles and responsibilities based on a person’sgender. This explains why some of the roles played can only be playedby men while others are the preserve of women. For example, in manycultures, cooking, washing, and taking care of children is regarded afemale role while men are expected to provide for the family needs.


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