The Strike Question 1



Organizationaldevelopment (OD) entails designed efforts made by an organization inorder to amplify its effectiveness. OD results in the attainment ofstrategic goals. It is a development strategy aimed at modifying theorganizational attitude and beliefs in order to effectively adoptdisruptive technologies. In this case, British America (BA) wanted tointroduce swipe cards in order to enhance organizationaleffectiveness. The swipe card system was intended to modernize thecompany and enhance the efficient employment of staff as well asresources. The idea was however opposed by the staff.

Organizationsinstigate sense making procedures in case they realize theinsufficiency of present understanding of occurrences. It entailsunderstanding the viewpoints and interests of people in anorganization. What resulted in the wildcat strike in this case isthat BA failed to understand the perspectives of the affected staff.The company senior management just introduced the swipe card systemswithout considering the feelings of its staff. This is evidenced dueto the lack of sufficient consultation. Some of the perspectives ofthe staff concerning the swipe cards were that managers could usethem to maneuver shift hours and working programs.

Changemanagement involves transitioning organizations and people to apreferred state. An effective change management procedure should becharacterized by communication between the involved individuals.Through this, changes are efficiently and effectively implemented toattain long-term gains. Adopting the swipe card system was arestructuring program aimed at transitioning BA into modernizationand improving the efficiency of its staff. However, there was lack ofeffective communication between the involved parties (the seniormanagement and the effected staff), which led to the wildcat strike.The idea that was projected to transition BA resulted in loss ofreputation, money as well as customers.

Contingencyis an emergency happening that may take place but not with certainty.Its occurrence is dependent on other stuffs. In this case, thewildcat strike may be termed as a contingency that happened due tothe introduction of the swipe card system. The management was notable to predict the degree of anger among the staff due to theintroduction of swipe card. The happening was termed as the mosthorrible industrial condition as it led to chaotic scenes at theairport. The wildcat strike was a contingency considering that it wasnot planned as the check-in staff simply walked out.

Processualis defined as an ongoing operation or a sequence of modificationsthat occur in a clear way. The process should be considered byorganizations which are implementing change. The introduction of theswipe card system by BA can be considered as unambiguous. To startwith, there was no sufficient consultation with the staff regardingits introduction. Secondly, the staff lacked awareness of the benefitof the swipe card system. This was bad management on the part of BA.


Interventionson organizational development concerns change and as a result seniormanagement should engage the people involved. In this case, BA’ssenior management should have involved the affected staff in talksprior to the introduction of swipe cards. OD is a continuingprocedure of putting into practice organizational change, and thusthe affected staff should always be involved and consulted to avoidresistance. It is vital for BA to consider contingency happenings.One way is for BA to forecast how the introduction of a certaintechnology or change would impact the affected party. By doing this,the company would be able to weigh the cost-benefit of implementingchange. In change management, ensuring effective communicationbetween the involved parties is key. In sense-making, BA shouldunderstand the viewpoints and interests of people in an organizationand how change would affect them. In Processual perspective, ensuringstaff have adequate information and knowledge regarding any change isparamount.


Changemanagement is the one change perspective that helps in understandingthe issue of swipe card in a better way. The reason is that theperspective is concerned with managing change in an organization. IfBA understood the issues of change management, it could have avoidedany resistance to change. Change management can be termed as theoverall perspective while transforming an organization into apreferred state. It entails three aspects which encompass adaptation,controlling as well as effecting change. The perspective illustratesthat change is never imposed on people. When BA enforced theintroduction of Swipe Cards, it was not received well by employees.In this case, involvement, communication, and participation of theaffected employees were paramount. The principles of changemanagement which should be considered include involving individualsin the organization, understanding where the organization is going,planning development, and ensuring effective communication.


Theanalysis indicates that BA did not consider the various perspectivesduring the introduction of the swipe card system, resulting to thewildcat strike. By considering the key issues in each perspective, BAwould be able to prevent a similar happening in future. Byincorporating the perspectives of organizational development, sensemaking, change management, Processual, and contingency, andunderstanding the various issues concerned with each perspective, BAcould have avoided the wildcat strike. Overall, involving theaffected people through communication is significant at ensuring thatthe change process is understood well to prevent any resistance.