The Three Gurus of Quality Activity


TheThree Gurus of Quality Activity



QualityAssurance programs help appraise internal processes of anorganization as well as improving communication between the employeesand customers. They assist reduce noncompliance issues, poor customerexperiences and any other mistakes that may occur in the company(Pike &amp Barnes 2011). Implementing quality assurance programs isan important undertaking to any organization. Different companieshave adopted different programs that help implement quality programs.One of the programs that a hospitality establishment would consideris the Total Quality Management. The three quality gurus namelyDeming, Juran and Crosby developed numerous measures that would aidimplement and develop the Total Quality Management programs for ahospitality establishment. These steps are essential in improving thegeneral processes within the company (Pike &amp Barnes 2011).

Thefirst step is setting clear standards for the organization. Thetechniques to meet these standards should also be established (Pike &ampBarnes 2011). At this stage, all the relevant regulations applicableto the organization are identified, and the standards form the basisfor the company`s program. The second important step is establishingpolicies and procedures. These plans should be distributed to all theemployees in the organization to achieve cohesiveness. Thedepartmental heads and supervisors should work together in developingthe methods. Employee`s training should be encouraged at this stageso that they are fully informed and empowered to implement theprograms (Pike &amp Barnes 2011).

Thethird step developed by Deming is creating descriptions that aresimple to understand. The description is included in the trainingprogram of the company. It comprises of the objectives and criteriato achieving these programs (Pike &amp Barnes 2011). The progressshould be monitored to ensure success and adherence to theseprograms. Establishing a quality committee is also an important step.It includes members of staff from every department. This helpsempower the employees by recognizing their work. The final step isimplementing change. Current technology is used to ensure that theseprograms match the state of customer`s experience (Pike &amp Barnes2011).


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