Topic Reflection on Personal Skills and Development.

Essay: Reflection On Personal Skills and Development . 2

Topic: Reflectionon Personal Skills and Development.

Inthe course of my study, it has been a successful and wonderfullearning experience, full of progress. Through various courseassignments such as essay writing, Literature review and analysis, mylecturer’s contribution through the feedback given after presentingmy work,continuous examinationsand reflective essays.Thesetasks have helped me improve in my academic skills.Moreover, my timemanagement and critical thinking and academic writing have greatlyimproved.

Ifeel am more confident now, after going through the course, I canwrite well thought out essays, am able to read what other writershave written about various topics and put forward my critique sincehave been exposed to analysis on literature review. I can nowcomfortably, do a good essay paper better than my previous. Theexposure have gotten throughout my study has boosted my selfconfidence. At the beginning essay writing was not an easy task forme, I felt frustrated as I found essay writing to be tough, but Ipromised myself to work harder and take the lecturer’s feedbackpositively.

Evaluation allows a person to know their strengths and weakness(Marshall &amp Rowland, 1996).Evaluating myself has made me realize that the learning experience inthe course has had both positive and negative sides. The positiveswere ability to write, analyze the essay papers, improvement on my written work, as this was frequently practiced during the coursestudy, ability to read and critique academic materials andimprovement on time management. The negatives of the whole experiencewere frustrations when I could not write my initial essay papers asexpected by my lecturer, time management was not an easy thing forme. This experienced has made me realize that I can try a thing overand over until I make myself a better person, Secondly I can adopt tosituations and circumstances easily, I was not able to writeconfidently but with practice and perseverance, I am a good writer.The ability to take my lecturer’s feedback positively made meimprove on my writing skills and as a result this did boost myself-confidence and gave me enthusiasm towards my academic work. Myexperience in the course has made me change the way I viewed thingsand think about issues, I now don’t judge things or circumstancesbefore trying to find out the cause. Moreover I have become a widereader a key factor for an excellent student.

Lookingback at the progress have made, I can say lack of confidence made mepoor essay writer in my coursework. Inadequate communication skillscontributed to my frustrations I faced with my initial papers. I wasnot wellacquitted with the various writing skills such as APA, MLA,Harvard and Chicago among others. Inability to critically analyzevarious literature reviews,made me plagiarize other people’s worksince I did not take time to read on what other writers havecontributed to the field. Poor time management too,has contributed topoor performance in my initial essay writing. I believe if I had goodcommunicationskills, I would have written excellentessaypapers. Toachieve a good grade in writing, one has to master the academicwriting styles. (Allan, B, 2010). Proper time management would havehelped me have adequate time for all my assignment. Essay writing inthis module as well as other courses taken, have emphasized onkeenness in writing skills, importance of planning and timemanagement in academic work. Writing a good literature review hasbeen emphasizes in other areas of study in the course of my studybecause, it is important as it helps a learner know what others havewritten in the area of interest hence avoid plagiarism(Price,2007).

Inconclusion, the essays I have written in the course of this study,various projects and feedback from my lecturer, have made me a goodwriter, pertinent reader and conscious critique of academic worksince,I now pay attention to details, I can now read what otherwriters have written and critique because I have done literaturereview on various topics assigned to me. Through the essay writingexercises’, I am able to write well-structured and criticallyanalyzed essays, since I take my lecturers advice positively and Ilearnt to make use of the feedbacks in my subsequent essays. Infuture I will pay attention to details so as to achieve the best inmy writing. I will plan my time well so as I give priority to all myassignment and other academic related work. Further I will put thefeedback given by my tutors into practice so that my performance isgood.

Iplan to be keen in class, participate in class by contribution andasking questions. This will help me to grasp every concept taught aswell as master the topic being taught. I plan to take the feedbackgiven by lecturer positively, both in oral and writing. I will usethe feedback effectively so that I can write well-structured andthorough essays, examinations and reflection papers. Planning my timewill be key strategy in future, with good time management success isguaranteed.(Marshall &amp Rowland, 1996).Sinceno one can achieve much on their own, I will always appreciateworking with other students in my studies. My priorities now are toput my academic work as my number one to do things in my agendaduring the course of my study. Secondly to take my writing skills anotch higher, by writing essays frequently during the semester, thiswill improve my writing skills(Woodward-Kronand Thomson, 2000).Ihave improved greatly during the last semester and this semester. Iplan to do all that have put down in the action plan by the end ofthe next semester so that as I graduate to the next year of my study,I will be excellent in my essay writing, research, reflection writingas well as become a good time planner. To tell whether I will haveachieved or improved, I will carry out self-evaluation.(Marshalland Rowland, 1996,) said that evaluation can be done by our self orothers will carry out an analysis on all the priorities I put forthand the action plan.


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