Toxicity of make ups

Toxicityof make ups

Makeup is a term used by many people to refer to substances applied toone’s body in the name of beauty. As noted from a study conductedby the Environmental Working Group, approximate 89 percent of 10,500make ups aren’t tested for safety by the FDA (Baker, 2008,pp-15-17). To hit the nail on the head, when comes to personal careproducts, the US federal government don’t necessary demandpre-market testing or health studies on manufacturing companies.Consequently, lots of cosmetic contain reproductive toxins andcarcinogens as well as other chemicals which are hazardous to humanhealth. It is worth noting that, about 60% of those make ups isabsorbed into the bloodstream. This paper will deeply pore over as towhy the U.S. should have stronger regulations and strategies toensure toxic make ups are out of the market.

Tostart with, it is the responsibility of any government to ensure thesafety of products to its citizens. Before offering a license to agiven product, the government must conduct a pre-market testing orhealth studies before giving the production company a green light ofmanufacturing and selling the product. However, the US federalgovernment has failed to do that on personal care products.Therefore, the US federal government needs to start conducting apre-market testing as well as health studies on all personal careproducts in order to ensure their safeties to the consumers.

Whenyou compare the Europeans countries and the United State, they havestill penalties to whoever produces toxic products. In addition, anyproduct must be tested before it is allowed to enter into the market.This signifies that, there is no political willingness in the US orthe government doesn’t care about the safety as well as the healthof its citizen. It is worth noting that, the Toxic Substances ControlAct of 1976 seems not to work since the U.S market is overwhelmedwith toxic cosmetics. The law gives EPA power of demanding reports,testing, keeping record and restricting chemical products, such asfood, cosmetics, drugs and pesticides (Baker, 2008, pp-22-25).

TheU.S government should also start a campaign on educating peoples onthe impact of toxic cosmetics. For example, instead of applying toxicsubstances to their bodies, people should instead do some exercisesin order to reduce their weight. There are also organic substancessuch as soaps from aloe Vera plants that are helpful in reducingwricles on ones face and also making ones skin soft. There are alsoother organic substances such as the use of ash from burning charcoalthat is useful in making ones skin smooth. When people adopt the useof these organic substances, they will reduce cases of skininfections in future times (Baker, 2008, pp-28-30).

Manywomen across the United State apply toxic make ups to their body outof ignorance. Later on, these grand people suffer from skin diseaseswhere they are later taken to government hospitals after theirfamilies get tired of taking care of them. When such an incidenthappens, the government spends a lot of time and money taking care ofthese old people. They would need special care, where they will beprovided to special medicines that are base solutions to neutralizethe chemicals that had already reacted with their bodies. On similarline, the state will require to employ nurses to take care of theseold people. As a result, the US government should enact stiff laws onpersonal care products and implement it into the constitution, sothat whoever violates it, he/she can face the laugh side of the law.

Otherthat applying chemicals on the faces for beauty, people in US alsoapply these toxic make ups to either enlarge some of their body partsor reduce them. For instance people with large breast would like toapply toxic substances to reduce them. Also people with smaller bodyparts apply these toxic substances in order to enlarge them. Thealteration of the size of body parts would later lead to problems inlater time. It also make people go against the will of their God bynot appreciating what He gave them but instead thinks that God did amistake in doing that.


TheUS government should deny companies that are in charge of productionof toxic substances licenses to run the company again. The USgovernment should also pose heavy punishments to anyone foundsupplying the toxic substances to the people. In addition, the USgovernment should carry out campaigns on the consequences of usingtoxic substances and also the importance of using organic make ups.In their campaign, the government should include people withexperiences to make testimonies to the people. When the above issuesare implemented, US would brag to be on the same league as Europe.


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