Unethical Police Operations


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The police force in the United States has been faced with numerousaccusations of misconduct, corruption and brutality. Police are saidto engage in misconduct when they violate the rules and regulationsof the department. Police misconduct is a broad term that encompassescorruption, brutality, fraud, sexual abuse, torture and abuse ofoffice. Research has indicated that at least 1% of the police areinvolved in misconduct annually in the United States (Champion,2013). The effects of police misconduct are dire and mainly resultsin wrongful conviction of suspects. Police corruption is another formof police misconduct that is rampant in the United States. Corruptionhas been defined as the illegal application of police authority orforce for person gain (Champion, 2013). Bribery and extortion are thetwo largely known forms of police corruption. However there are otherforms of police corruption such as the receipt of stolen goods orfencing such stolen goods. Additionally, it is evident that theillegal business of selling drugs is regarded as corruption in thepolice force. It is also worth stating that when senior policeofficers assent to repeat wrong doing, they are accused ofcorruption.

The federal and state laws, as well as the police department rulesand regulations prohibit any actions by police officers that mayresult in the deprivation of the people’s rights. The state laws inAmerica also provide protection for victims who are abused by thepolice. Civil actions can be taken against police officers who arefound to have violated the laws or the department’s regulations.The issue of police brutality is yet another form of policemisconduct that has hit the headlines numerous times. From the RodneyKing case in the 1990s, cases of police brutality have been rampantin the United States (Champion, 2013). Police brutality has involvedthe excessive use of force by the police against suspects. There areinstances where people have been killed by police through theexcessive use of force. More often than not, the aspect of policebrutality in America has been subjected to the black community.

A recent example of police brutality is the case of a 37 year oldKelly Thomas who was suffering from schizophrenia. The man was beatenand assaulted by police officers from Fullerton police department in2011 and died later due to the injuries. It is evident that the mansick, weak and unarmed but he was fatally beaten by over six policeofficers. The brutality attracted protests outside the police stationand four officers were suspended while two were convicted of seconddegree murder (Champion, 2013). This is just a single case of thenumerous police brutality incidents that occur in the United States.The outcome of this case indicated the goodwill by the policedepartment to deal with officers who are accused of brutality andfound to be guilty. The suspension of the four officers and thesubsequent jailing of the other officers involved in the brutalityagainst Kelly is an agreeable step. However, I vehemently disagreewith the decision of acquitting the two officers in 2014 of themurder of Kelly.

Willie Marshay Greer, a 33 year old patrol officer was accused ofpolice misconduct. The officer, from Hamilton County, forced a womanaccused of speeding to have oral sex with him while handcuffed. Thiswas in return for releasing the woman without charging her since shehad an open warrant of arrest (Burger, 2014). This is a grave case ofpolice misconduct that is illegal and unacceptable in the policeforce. This is also a case of corruption since it involves asking forfavors. The officer was fired for this misconduct and aggressiverape. I do agree with the sentence outcome of the case.


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