Urban Escapes

Livingsocial escape is a Company located in Washington, D.C. and it is theleading market place where one can purchase and share interestingthings he/she can do wherever that person is. It offers thoseservices to its customers that enable them explore and experiencevarious places with their friends. The Company has many employees whoare specialized in different fields ranging from technical science tosocial science. In the escape programs it offers services like travelpackages and adventures to various destinations all-round the worldas a form of social networking (Whiteley, 2002)

TheCompany offers many benefits to its employees that attract them towork in the organization so as to satisfy or achieve the need theylook for in an organization. The following are the most importantneeds to the employees working for this Company:

Self-actualization:The Company consists of talented and highly skilled workforce whowants to achieve the level of creativity and problem solving abilityin the management with the view of making sure that the customers arewell served (Partridge, 2011). Esteem: Most of the employees workhard to achieve the need for self-esteem and being confident with thetask they are allocated to do and at the same time to gain respect byother members of the workforce (Partridge, 2011). Love and belonging:The employees are inspired by the need of affiliation and the abilityto feel loved and other social relationships (Partridge, 2011).

Thisinformation helps managers create conducive environment where thework-force is motivated. For example, the employees who are motivatedby the needs for love are given this chance like free time to makethem socialize. The ones who are motivated by the needs forself-actualization are given the chance to innovate and given time tofurther their knowledge with the aim of achieving the ability tosolve complex problems. Those who are motivated by the need forself-esteem are motivated by giving them the recognition in theworkforce and allocated private offices with job titles (Partridge,2011).


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