Urban Pope II

UrbanPope II

UrbanPope II

HowDid Urban II Appeal To His Audience?

PopeII was requested by the Emperor of Byzantine, Alexius to help himagainst Seljuk Turks (Riley-Smith,1995). His audience being a large crowd at the Council of Clermont,he incited the crowd to take up weapons against the Muslim who hailedfrom Palestine (Riley-Smith, 1995). In appealing to the audience used persuasive speech and a rousing speech. Incapturing the attention of the crowd, Urban II appealed to the massesto end their in-fights. He appealed to them by invoking the biblewhere he told Christians to embark on a righteous war to assist theother Christians to get back to Jerusalem from East. Therefore, UrbanII appeal is evident through fostering of sympathy and alliance withthe East. additionally invoked an emotional appeal tothe soldiers to head east in order to assist Alexius II (Riley-Smith,1995).

InWhat Way Did He Justify The Act Of Crusading And Why Might That BeAttractive To Those Listening?

Incalling for the crusading, argued that the Holy Land ofJerusalem had been taken and had to be reclaimed. His basis was thatthe land was sanctified and had a deep connection with the faith(Riley-Smith, 1995). Given his role, was justified.According to him, he was permitted by God and he was an ambassadorwith divine admonition (Riley-Smith, 1995). Thus, all the actionsthat he undertook and encouraged were not out of his authority.According to , crusading was very crucial as it wasaccording to the will of God (Riley-Smith, 1995). The individuals whoparticipated in the movement were assured of forgiveness in sins anddirect entrance to heaven. It was attractive to the listeners giventhe strong connection of the move with their faith. The consequencesof going against the faith norms would be dire and any believer wasinterested in listening to them intuitively.


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