U.S. health care system


U.S.health care system










5.0Pharmaceutical treatment

6.0The treatment of diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment



Thetreatment of diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment

  1. Abstract

Inthis paper we will consider the health care systems in the UnitedStates, hoe the system handles the diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness as well as willimplications of beliefs and values that are placed on the health caresystem for the diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness.

Ahealth care system is purely the prevention, treatment as well asmanagement of illness including preservation of mental and physicalwell-being through the service offered by the medical as well asallied health profession.

  1. Loneliness

Lonelinessis the core feeling that usually gives rise to sadness, emotions ofanger, depression, resentment worthlessness, emptiness, pessimism andvulnerability. Most lonely people frequently feel disliked andare usually self-obsessed lacking empathy with others. These are thepeople who fear rejection keeping themselves at a distance fromothers, which feeds the loneliness hence accelerating any kind ofdisease that they might be suffering from.

Theageing society is the one with more and more affected people livingon their own. Thes people due to their condition and age have atendency of developing diseases that are further aggrevated by theirlonliness. The US health care system should offer psychotherapy thatcan help other lonenly people to heal their past wounds and establishnew life of relating to others and hence helping in treatment ofdiseases thatare aggravated by loneliness.

  1. U.S. health care system

Mostpeople have a believe that the current model of health care in theUnited States of America is the best health care in the world.Nonetheless, US health care has major shortcomings especially indiseases thatare aggravated by loneliness that are becoming more andmore visible. The US has the most expensive health care systemglobally based on health expenditure per capita as well as on totalexpenditures as the percentage of gross domestic products (Altman,Reinhardt &amp Shields, 2008). The main reasons causing the highcosts in the U.S is as a result of the rising costs of medicaltechnology, administrative costs as well as prescription medicationconsequential from the complex many payer systems in the UnitedStates.

  1. Pharmaceutical treatment

UScommunity is committed to providing healthcare to its people as meansof social obligation. Since there is no way set that this healthcaremust be provided, the means to provide it, thereby leaving a room forshortcomings in diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment. Thisdiseases can be delivered well in a public, private, pharmaceuticaltreatment or a mixed public-private type setting. USmust find the best way that can best use its resources to cater forthe loneliness aggravated diseases (Smith, Wertheimer &amp Fincham,2013).

ThePrivate health care systems are one of the most popular systemsworking in the United States and includes pharmaceuticaltreatment. Private health care system is generallyoperated without any funding from the US government since thetreatment services receive it’s funding through private pay frominsurance companies as well as their patient’s.

  1. The treatment of diseases that are aggravated by loneliness treatment

Thetreatment of diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment tend to bebased on pharmaceuticaltreatment which leaves many aged people in problems asthey have no one to take care of them. Using pharmaceuticaltreatment in this diseases is a challenge to the UShealth care system as it affects the delivery of services to theaffected as they mostly comprise of the aged and those who are poorin term s of financing their treatment privately (Schroeder, 2013).US depend exclusively in treating the diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment which seemto affect the treatment as these people require more care other thanpharmaceuticaltreatment.

USshould not consider this Pharmaceutical treatmentespecially in the aged community as it has no much help. This peoplerequire psychotherapy or a society that appreciate them and looksafter them a move that will help cure more diseases that areaccelerated by being lonely. The best way to help this people is togather them in a home care where they can stay a group and helpreduce the loneliness from each. A home care for the aged is morethat a hospital where they will get medication as it will help offermental support and unleash comfortability in their lives.

  1. Conclusion

Though pharmaceuticaltreatment health care offers many benefits to itspatients, the health care system in the United States is not perfect,and remains one of the most expensive per capita in the world therebyexlusively treating diseasesthat are aggravated by loneliness treatment . usingpharmaceuticaltreatment. The system should focus on expanding itsrole for the health care sector from a one that is focused beyondsaving lives in a crisis to one that will help educates the patientin loneliness and to improves the health and the lives of them byoffering them psychological treatment.


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