Use of Technology in Preventing Medication Errors

Useof Technology in Preventing Medication Errors

Useof Technology in Preventing Technology Errors


Thisessay will analyze the types of technology that can be used inpreventing medication errors in hospitals. The first section of thisessay will be an introduction that will highlight adverse events thatare directly associated with medication administration. It will alsoexplore a type of technology (universal bar code system) that canassist in reducing the number of medical errors that occur (Agrawal,2009). The second part of this essay will explore technology that canbe used in preventing serious medication errors that are popular inhospital settings. The third section of this paper will beimplementation. This will include implementation of bar codetechnology in the nursing profession that has been found to beinstrumental. This will be based on the model of quality systemsdeveloped by Donabedian that comprise of the three factors and theyinclude process, structure, and outcome. This section will alsoinvolve a study of literature by various scholars on medical errorsthat happen in hospitals and appropriate ways of preventing thoseerrors.

Furthermore,this essay will explore the evaluation plan. This will entail aproposed plan for execution of the use of a barcode system forimplementation. The aim of this plan will be to lessen the incidenceof medication administration errors in the patient population. Thispaper will also analyze the disseminating plan. The conclusion ofthis paper will focus on all key themes of the paper in a concisemanner. It will also explore review of the literature of variousauthors on medication errors and how to prevent them. The lastsection will entail references


Themain objective of this study was to analyze medication errors anddetermine the type of technology that would be instrumental inpreventing the errors. Studies indicated that the majority of thepatients suffer from adverse events that are directly associated withmedication administration. These events include prescribing errors,incorrect testing in the care testing, as well as medicationadministration errors. Research indicated that eMAR and bar-codingsystem would be the appropriate types of technology in preventingmedication errors. The use of barcode technology in the nursingprofession has been found to be instrumental because the applicationpromises to reduce medication errors. The execution of thistechnology will result in positive results as explained in theSystems Process Outcome Theory that was developed by Donabedian.Through this theory the execution of barcode technology will become areality because it is associated with the improvement of qualitywithin a healthcare organization. Based on the fact that bar codetechnology is recognized as an emerging technology, it will bepossible to uphold the quality of services provided in a healthcaresetting (Agrawal, 2009).

Throughusing barcode technology, the medication of both the patient and theperson administering are scanned, reconciled, and every dose isdocumented. This ensures that the exact patient gets the right drugsand at the right time. There is a need for the various healthcareorganizations to educate their staff on how to use the new bar-codetechnology. This may entail providing education to nurses, physicianand the chief administrator of the facility. For execution of thisprogram, it is essential to offer educational materials to staffmembers, physicians, and patients in order to understand bar codemedication administration and its benefits.


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