Using Cell phones While Driving Should Be Banned

UsingCell phones While Driving Should Be Banned

UsingCell phones While Driving Should Be Banned

Theadvancement in telecommunication technology of wireless devicesincluding cell phones and hands-free devices has changed the waypeople communicate and interact today. One can speak to anotherperson millions of miles away, text, or even chat in real timethrough a chat conversation on social media applications such asWhazzup, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, the use of cellphones while driving has fatal consequences and should be banned.

Usinga cell phone to text, or speak to another person is part ofdistractive driving. Destructive driving is considered any activitywhich could interfere with the attention of a person from the majortask of driving. Consequently, using a phone makes the driver to beengaged in the conversation and may not be able to concentrate on theroad. Texting for example involves physical, visual and cognitiveattention of the driver and can increase the risk of road accident.

Inaddition, using cell phones when driving have been compared todrunken driving according to research (Prussell, 2009). Whereasdrunken driving is punishable by law, the use of cell phones has notbeen banned nationally. This is quite worrying considering that, thetwo have similar fatal consequences. With over 660,000 drivers beingon their phones at any one moment as established by the NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), using cell phones whendriving can cause several serious accidents (Middlekamp, 2014).

Thereis enough evidence that, using a cell phone when driving increasesthe risk of accident. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute carrieda study which found out that, 11 percent of drives aged between 18-20who were involved in road crash in 2010 alone confirmed that theywere texting while driving. In addition, the same study showed thattexting increases the peril of an accident happening by 23 times thana driver who is not texting (Federal Communication Commission N.D).Therefore, the use of cell phones when driving should be banned toavoid accidents in our roads.

Inconclusion, it is evident that, the use of cell phones when drivingis part of distracted driving and can cause accidents. Also using aphone when driving is comparable to drunk driving, yet it is stillallowed I some states. The increased usage of phones while driving inthe U.S is alarming. This contributes to the increased number of roadaccidents across the country. It is therefore fair enough to put anational wide ban on the use of mobile phones when driving.


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