Week 8 Social Media Campaign


Week8: Social Media Campaign



Socialmedia refer to a collection of online communications channels thathelp in content sharing, interaction as well as community-basedinput. Social networking and forums are some of the types of socialmedia (Zarrella, 2010). A new product launch is considered a successif the social media campaign influence was perfect. From thescenario, there are different significant components of a socialmedia that could lead to success of the new product launch.

Thefirst important element is the social media accounts. It is referredas the biggest part. A company should have different social mediaaccounts in order to succeed. Establishing more facebook and twitteraccounts will assist in reaching more people making tons of success(Zarrella, 2010). The other major component has a perfect audience.When a company is looking for customers on social media accounts, heshould ensure that he has the right audience for success. The thirdpart is creating a new product content and stay current and relevant(Zarrella, 2010). One should ensure that the accounts are frequentlyupdated with informative and interesting contents that the followerswill enjoy.

Itis not easier to measure social media return on investment. However,there are different tools used to gauge the returns that social mediacontributes to the success of the business. First, metric tools allowusers to click on the company sites and register (Zarrella, 2010). Byso doing, it shows that the ad was a success with high chances of thecustomer buying an item from the site. The other tool isinteractions. Interactions are considered the best way a customershows interest in a product. Key performance indicators are means ofmeasurement that are quantifiable and shows the success factors ofbusiness. The first indicator is customer satisfaction. A goodproduct should satisfy the needs of its customers. The otherindicator is internal process quality (Zarrella, 2010). The productor service should be of the required standards and optimize the waythey are delivered.

E-Activityand weekly readings are ways of gathering information throughinteractions. Social media offer a platform for new companies tolaunch their products as well boost sales (Zarrella, 2010). Each weekthe company develops a different activity that helps explore avariety of ways to create an interactive environment for thebusiness. As a manager, I would create more social media accounts toincrease sales. I would promote activities such as menu bars andalert boxes with a variety of products. The types of companies usingthese methods include Zappos that is a company selling clothing andaccessories and the Giant nerd that is a company dealing with outdooractivities like hiking and snowboarding.


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