White Teeth Assignment

WhiteTeeth Assignment

Assignment:Provide short essay answers to each question/series of questionsbased upon YOUR careful reading of the novel. Cite to page numbersfor support using parentheticals: example (16).

DONOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES. Submit only the answers to the questions(do not include the questions themselves) to the Turnitin dropbox onD2L.

1.What significance does Samad`s great-grandfather play in history andin Samad`s life?

Thesignificance that Samad’s grandfather play in his history and inhis life can be described as: The past relating to his grandfathertends to motivate him, in the book it’s evident that “PandeyMangal” was seen as the noble person to have blasted at the Indianinsurgence, but though it did not hit them, Samads tends to draw hiscourage from the grandfather (49).

2.Describe what happened to Clara to drive her away from her old life(family, religion, etc) and into Archie`s?

Thefactor that made Clara to go away from her old life has been seen as: First to start with Clara’s family history, it is evident thatthough originating from a Jamaican. Her mother” Hortense” tendsto stick and worship the “Jehovah witness” Clara ever since hasbeen a strong admirer of the defiant communal Ryan Topps. This tendsto lead to a separation to an association between Ryan plus Claraafter Ryan opts to join the “Jehovah witness religion”.

Theimportance of being a Jehovah witness has been considered as enablingpeoples to be more social, as evident in the book that after RyanTopps had decided to join Jehovah witness. He became friendlier withClara’s mother this was great importance to “Hortense”. Whilethe role of Ryan Topps tended to explain on the factors that madeClara to go away from her old life.

Thisis because Clara never loved members of the Jehovah witness. HowClara and Archie met was at as a result of the break up between RyanTopps, this is evident at the party entitled” reception to theending of the globe celebration”, as Archie walks in however notbeing as good-looking as Ryan he tends to enter the party, takes somefew drinks after closely avoiding atopic on regard to the war,. Thisis when it struck his eyes on spotting Clara as she was coming thestair case, they become fascinated immediately therefore do getmarried. (55)

3.How did Samad view himself, and his place in life? What does he tellArchie early on in their friendship (and how do the two of themmeet)? This question tends to state that Samad did view himself asnot being able to uphold his faith as Muslim plus also being a personwho can tell the all persons issues about himself. He tells Archieearly on the friendship that he shouldn’t have married Ophelia plushe should consider taking a next prospect in regard to marrying.Further on the book states that Samad and Archie met in regard tobeing a section of the associates in the tank group that didtransverse along Europe (73).

4.Samad`s affair with Poppy-Burt-Jones certainly shows us something ofhis character, but what does it show us about the culture clash inEngland? (Hint: Shiva made his own judgment on the situation. Whatwas it?)

Samadsaffair with poppy-Burt-Jones tends to show that Samads Muslim customshas been influenced by the culture clash of England which tends to bebased on the masturbation plus consumption of alcohol (Smith, 2000).Because in the English life he is continually plagued in regard towhat he does watch in life that does tend to influence hisintellectual disagreement. This is because Shiva did advance to Samadand advised him associations on the English female gender by no meansdoesn’t progress, so Samad shouldn’t be embarrassed of himself(150).

5.What significance did the harvest festival have in the lives of theIqbal family members?

Thesignificance of the harvest festival in the lives of the Iqbalfamilies tends to be in relation to the fifth question has been seenas the: the ability to a yearly celebration done for the purposeappreciating the harvest. As explained in the book, Magid Iqbal anintellect wants to alter his name to Mark smith in order to go to theharvest festival (230).

6.One small side story in the reading was the story of the children`svisit to Mr. Hamilton. What happened during this visit? Relate it tothe various themes of the book.

Inrelation to the sixth question, it has been explained that Mr.Hamilton was not in a position to consume anything that the kids hadbrought to him since he had abandoned his teeth for vast periods ofthe year. In relation to the books themes, its evident as the teethtends to represent the people the certain types of teeth also dotend to symbolize the specific types of person (Smith, 2000).

Thesekinds of teeth includes the canine, in regard to the book, it doesrepresent the methods in which the Chaflens do descend their teeth onthe Magrid, Millat plus the Irie. The wisdom teeth according to Mr.Hamilton in the book have been seen to represent the theme that “whatan individual doesn’t identify won’t damage them. These are inrelation to the books theme (86).

7.Why did Samad &quotkidnap&quot his son? What effects did this haveon the Iqbal family?

Accordingto this question the reason as to why Samad had to kidnap his son,this has been explained as being able to protect Magrid belief, andalso to make he grow into a strong believer, The effects it had onthe Iqbal tends to be Magrid turned into appreciating science morethan devotion (57).

8.What was &quotthe trouble with Millat&quot? What was KEVIN?

Thetrouble with Millat as asked on the eighth question was that hebecame engaged with the Muslim radical crowds, this was in spite ofstaying in London for most of his years. As with Kevin his troublewas considered as having alternative beliefs apart from the normalones of the Iqbal (97).

9.Do you think all of these immigrants from countries that were onceBritish colonies still have some anger or frustration against theBritish people? Does any character such as Samad, Alsana, or anyoneelse show this? How does colonization continue to play a role intheir lives?

Itend to think that some of these immigrants from countries oncecolonized by the British people still do have some anger orfrustrations over the British people. Because they do feel that theircultures were corrupted by the British an example of these charactersin the books does include: Chaflens and Archie. They too feel thatthe British too did alter their behaviors. Basing on Samad charactershe tends to adapt to the British cultures whereby he’s got himselfinto drinking and masturbation (150).

Thishas continued to play a role in their lives since it has been able tomake the second generations like Magrid who has been forced to adaptto the science perspective of the world and neglect his beliefs. AlsoSamad has become increasing adulterous as opposed to the Muslimculture (200).

10.What was Mrs. Chalfen trying to accomplish in her mentorship ofMillat?

Questionten, tries to explain that Mr. Chaflens was basically trying toexplain as much as the chaflen family tends to offer a secure shelterplus accepting the chaotic lives of the Millat plus Igrie. Thiscompassion tends to come with it huge regrets on their child. Alsothe wife was erroneous on her ambitions to protect Millat like theother vegetations that she tends to cater for. This has been regardedas Mr. Chaflens assumption regarding his mentorship on Millat (230).

11.Is the clash between the three generations (Samad and Archie, Alsanaand Clara, Irie and the twins) more of a culture clash or more of agenerational clash?

Thenext question, question eleven theirs a clash between the threegenerations since the as with the first generation: They are facedwith the troubles of altering themselves into the British communitywhile still protecting their own indigenous cultural practices thisincludes Clara, Samad plus Alsana (Smith, 2000). They tend toexperience difficulties in trying to adapt to the British practices.The second generation has been explained by the conflicts on how theMillat, Igrie plus Magid tend to show how colonization has beendiscussed basing on its impacts on their lives. This is seen whenSamad tends to protect Magid into not adapting the British cultures(320).

12.What different types of prejudice can you identify in the book? Whatdoes it arise from? Is it against individuals or groups?

Thequestion twelve, the different kinds of prejudice have beendemonstrated as. It is evident that both together Clara plus Alsanaon their noble experiences with the British community, Another kindof prejudice as evident in the book is basing on Clara, the normalblack person has been regarded as more responsive also Alsana has gotthe habit of choosing out the sample for spiritual exculpation (450).

13.Interpret this quote &quotthey were more English now, more Englishthan the English by virtue of their disappointments&quot (Page255).What do you think about the history of the children`s school?

Theinterpretation of this word they were more English now, more Englishthan the English by virtue of their disappointments. By this it meansthat before they people acted more principled, they tended to benatural on their characters. But by being English by virtue of theirdisappointments means that as much as they were not initiallyEnglish, they tended to adapt to this cultures from civilization butit has brought with it many issues (600).

14.What do Millat and Magid want out of life? How are they similar andhow are they different?

Magidand Millat basing on what they want in life can be regarded as.Although being exaggerated by their parents being un decided plusalso having issues with getting apposition on the British community.Their inhibiting procedures have been in made complicated since theyhave been extracted from their original cultures.

Thedifferences in between them has been with Magid though been taken toBangladesh to study he tends to drop his Muslim culture and believein since while with Millat as much as he has been brought up allalong in London he becomes engaged with the Islam crowd Kevin (359).

15.Who is Dr. Sick and what role does he play in the novel?

Question15 defines Dr. Sick has been considered as the person ailing from thechronic provision that does facilitate him to weep blood. Though hisoriginal name has been defined as Dr. Marc-Pierre, he tends to run tothe hospital since the Russians do want to capture him. His role hasbeen used in the book to show that through him Samad was able toestablish his companionship on Archie was totally false. Archie tendsto protect Dr,sick from being murdered by Millat. Which also Samadcouldn’t do it (450).


Smith,Z. (2000).&nbspWhiteteeth: A novel.New York: Random House.


Someof you have started looking over the writing assignment and havequestions about how detailed your answers should be. In general, aparagraph or two per answer would suffice. I`ll be grading youranswers based on thoroughness, level of detail and use of examplesfrom the book. To give a more concrete example: in question 2(&quotDescribe what happened to Clara to drive her away from her oldlife (family, religion, etc.) and into Archie`s?&quot), I`d expectyou to: 1. Explain Clara’s family history, 2. Discuss theimportance of being a Jehovah`s Witness to Hortense and how itaffected Clara, 3. Mention the role of Ryan Topps, 4. Explain howArchie and Clara met and why Clara was at the party. An answer whichaddressed all of those things would receive full points.