William Ury



WilliamUry is an exceptional author who addresses conflict resolutionamicably. In chapter nine of his book, William attempts to open doorsfor conflict resolution in an amazing way. Conflicts result from aneed not being met. As a result, William outlines six steps ofconflict resolution as problem identification, research andreflecting on the problem. During reflection the following three canhappen change of attitude, change of environment or confronting theperson. After which the last three steps come in as rehearsal, meetto resolve the conflict and follow up to see all ends well (Ury,2007).

Likechapter 9, the video clip by William explains conflict resolution asa difficult challenge that involves tough choices. Difficultnegotiations remind William of a man from the Middle East, who lefthis sons a share of 17 camels (Ury, 2013). Finding the 18thcamel has been William’s passion. The 18thcamel is the solution to balance peace and stop conflicts. Williamhas travelled and witnessed numerous conflicts before coming up witha solution to peace as us. Like the Bushmen, when angered, we shouldsit and talk until we find a resolution. That system kept ourancestors and us alive till now. It is a system called the thirdside. If tempers do not cool off, the Bushmen send someone off tovisit a relative. The send off is a change of environment in thethird step of finding conflict resolution (Goodwin and Griffith,2014).

According to William, there are two sides of conflict but the thirdside is not seen. It is family and relatives, who regulate us. Forthe sake of the community, let us stop fighting and start talking.When angered, we react and make the best speech we will ever regret.People go for walks when negotiations get tough, taking Abraham’spath. William concludes his talk by inviting people to take a thirdside, walk Abraham’s path and engage strangers in a friendly talk.The secret to peace lies within us. We can bring a place to peacethrough uniting our third side to halt the lion of war.


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