Writing Skills



Priorjoining high school, I commonly used traditional form of writing. Myessays included introductory paragraph, a three to four bodyparagraphs, and a conclusion. In most cases, I never included myopinion in the essay. However, this has greatly changed, and my tutoralways encourages me to state my opinion in the thesis statement. Healso advised me on how to start a new paragraph which as a majorstruggle for me.

Thissemester, I have been studying WRA 150 writing that involves theEvolution of American Thought. Prior this unit, I had poor writingand listening skills. Indeed, I had not familiarised myself withdifferent style principles. In addition, I was not aware of theimpact that a positive or negative emphasis, wordiness, poorpunctuation can have on a document. Before this semester, my writingknowledge consisted of few information that I read online that thetips that I had gained from my friends. Definitely, this unitcombined all these and many more. If I can take a grasp to my writingin the beginning of the semester and right now, there is a cleartestimony of a lot of growth. Furthermore, I did not have anyknowledge on formatting and outlining professional memos and letters.Right now, I more comfortable while am writing letters to any personincluding the receipts that I do not know.

Thiscourse has really helped me to be more aware of my weakness, as wellas offered me tools to strengthen me (Rose,2001).The course is helping me to be more effective in writing, and Irecommend it to all students in this college. My lecturer has alsoorganised us into groups that are very useful in realising onesstrength and weakness in writing skills and in a group environment.

Thecourse has taught me variety of writing elements and guidingprinciple in writing. For instance, I have learned how to read, edit,and compose a document. I found my handouts valuable since I commonlyused them to edit them repeatedly hence, improving my editingskills. My tutor highlighted all the useful and key writing concepts.These skills will help me in the future when I will be switching fromcollege to the working world. I will not struggle to compose resumeand cover letter while seeking for a job vacant. At one time oranother, a student will find him or herself in need to write aresume, official email, or a memo. For my case, this will not be abig deal.

Iam now more effective writer as a resulting of studying this course.I have various strategies to consider while targeting my audience. Iam now more confidence while writing letters and memos, and I keep inmind the writing strategies that I have learnt in class. Thematerials demonstrated in this course have been very useful incommunication and equipping me with real life writing skills. I havebetter strategies to address the needs of my audience through myimproved structural skills. I understand different writing format fordifferent situation and different audience. In fact, my writing hasdrastically improved in terms of composing an audience-orienteddocument with a positive language in it.

Ihave also learnt to be more accurate and concise in writing. I findprofessional communication principle to be useful in giving accurateinformation. Actually, I recommend every student to learn about them.Currently, I can write a document without giving unnecessaryinformation. I can now compose a sentence in a concise manner. I canalso apply writing techniques such as active voice, attitude, andpositive emphasis while writing a professional document.Additionally, I can also write an informative and persuasive message.

Practically,my writing skills have improved especially in professional writing. Ihave incorporated all the principles I have learnt in this course andthe outside material so that I can be more equipped. The courseconcepts have been very practical and useful (King,2004).The course has offered me a chance to practice my skills, especiallyin a professional setting. This is unlike in other classes wherebythe tutor just gives us the theory of the concept, but never gives usa chance to practise.

Althoughmost of my skills have improved, I still have to improve writingskills especially in professional writing. There are different typesof both formal and informal letters, memos, e-mail structures, amongothers (Withrow,2005).I hope to continue to the next section of this course to thisknowledge. Therefore, next semester I will apply for the next coursein writing classes. I will also work hard to ensure that I gain everyskill that my tutor will teach. In addition, I will engage myself inseveral groups and projects that practise effective writing.

Generally,I have advanced my writing in most areas taught in this course.Previously, my writing was detached and incoherent. Now, I have thecapability to apply what I have learned in class and apply it in reallife. I am grateful for my new skills especially in reading, writing,editing, revising, and proofreading a document. I look forward to putin practise what I have learnt.


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